For the most part nickel plated valves can substitute for standard valves. Though the operating limits are a bit lower than our Yuken valves, these valves should. Pumps. General Instruction for Pumps · products · Piston Pumps · products. Vane Pumps · products · Gear Pumps. Valves. General Instruction for Valves. 40 Series. Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Relief and Flow Control Valves. This relief and flow control valve is an energy-saving valve that supplies the.

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Please note, that when valvees a system using modular stacking valves, due consideration should be given to working space for future maintenance. Open the catalogue to page 5.

Catalogue Download | YUKEN KOGYO CO., LTD

Open the catalogue to page 9. Cautious attention should be paid to ensure that the interface of the valves are clean and free from dirt or other foreign materials.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. In some cases, the stacking system may be restricted, so please refer to the following instructions for stacking sequence.

Screw Pivot Flow Adj. Open the catalogue to page 2. Output Flow Control Type 58 Pump input power can be controlled in accordance At the time of shipment, the unit has been preset to maximum delivery and minimum discharge pressure.


Adjust the preset delivery and pressure to meet your system requirements. Open the catalogue to page 8.

Therefore, no piping is required for the manufacture of the hydraulic systems. Take care to face their o-ring side to the Related Juken Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic pump Shut-off valve Needle valve Flow control valve Hydraulic power module Electronic pump Electric valve Hydraulic cataloogue control valve Piston valve Flap valve Manual valve Compact valve Expansion valve Rotary hydraulic directional control valve Hydraulic rotary vane pump Hydraulic relief valve Poppet directional control valve Proportional pressure relief valve Servo-driven valve.

GPM The modular valves are functional elements with which a hydraulic system can be composed and built easily by stacking them with the mounting bolts. Output Flow Control Type 6 This type of control is ideal for an application where the output power of the actuator has to be controlled in two different load pressures while keeping the actuator speed nearly constant.

In order to avoid air blockage when first starting, adjust the control valves so that the discharged oil from the pump is returned direct to the tank or the actuator moves in a free load. Yuken’s 10 Series Modular Valves are widely used to compose the hydraulic systems for the various industrial and marine equipment including big machine purpose machines and injection molding machines. Open the catalogue to page 3.



Open the catalogue to page Low noise level In the “A16” pump, the noise level is as low as Install drain piping according to the chart and ensure that pressure within the pump housing should be maintained Setting Discharge Pressure and Delivery Before first staring, fill pump case with clean operating oil via the fill port. By controlling the pilot pressure, the full cut-off pressure can be remote-controlled according to your requirements.

The valves have standardized mounting surface conforming to ISO AFA and optimum thickness for the stacking.