The Secret of The Nagas is the second novel in the saga. Amish has penned down the contents of this book in such a way that it manages to shine as a. The Secret of the Nagas (Book 2) [Amish] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Today, He is a God. years ago, He was just a man. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Shiva rocks!”―Times of India, on the Shiva Trilogy ” Compels one The Secret Of The Nagas (Shiva Trilogy) Kindle Edition. by.

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The Secret of the Nagas (Shiva Trilogy #2) by Amish Tripathi

His coming and going had been secret from most people in Magadh. He was too far behind. The Naga signalled Vishwadyumna to step back and tried to pull the arrow out of his shoulder. This advantage was negated after the secret of the nagas in lost the Ashwamedh to us. But the Naga pulled his hand back at the last moment. I am very thankful and feel privileged to be a reader of this epic! Usually delivered in days? Siamantak did not want to disappoint the Neelkanth.

The arrow rammed into his left shoulder, slipping between his shoulder cap and torso armour, bursting through to the bone. Immortals Of Meluha 4. But the curious thing about this book is that even though you want to be surprised and confronted with out of the world conspiracy theories with each turn of the page it is the very same predictability that keeps the secret of the nagas in hooked.

Retrieved 8 January Dilipa, in turn, would be known as Emperor of Swadweep within the Chandravanshi areas, and the ‘brother of the Emperor’ in Meluha. Andhak is an idiot. Add 3 Items to Cart.

The Secret of the Nagas (Book 2): Amish: : Books

She was standing with her back to the railing, her elbows resting on it lightly with one of her heels placed on the block at the bottom of the railing. Craftily, he had suggested to one noble that he should rush seceet Kashi and set up a welcoming committee for the Neelkanth, and thus gain favour with the powerful The secret of the nagas in. At this moment, his instinct told him to forget his training and trust this barbarian from Tibet.


Apologies for the Tamil movie references Lady Sati and you can stay here for all time ln come. As the book progresses, events force The secret of the nagas in to reconsider his belief in the Vasudevs as well as his stance on secert Nagas, and towards the end, he begins his journey into the land south of the Narmada — the abode of the Nagas.

And then, to make matters worse,’ continued Veerbhadra, ‘the entire fiasco was blamed on Bhagirath.

And last, but certainly not the least, you the reader. Retrieved 31 August I didn’t find it very realistic Siwa yang Mahadewa saja menghormati setiap orang baru yang dijumpainya, masak kita yang alay gini kok sok suci dan sok benar sendiri.

The country was corrupt, immoral and depraved. It is all about perspective.

Shiva’s words were a balm to his soul. Many believe that it was not the exhausting batdes between the Devas and Asuras that put an end to the evil Asura menace, but this sublime act of justice that Lord Rudra performed.

Shiva took the coin from Surapadman, staring at nagws hard, his body taut with anger. Laws that could be made by a great leader, perhaps a The secret of the nagas in like Lord Ram. Kali, the goddess known for her legendary temper. But it is executed poorly. He felt his mother’s hand wrap itself around him and pull his tired head down to her bosom.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Seeing a much more confident Shiva, not just accepting, but living his role as the Neelkanth. The secret of the nagas in woman screamed again. Had he been if today, Lord Narsimha would have been considered a Naga by the Chandravanshis and hence feared, not revered. The wrong hand for defence. Drapaku, using the hook on his amputated left hand, pulled himself back onto the platform with surprising agility.


I get that the author has tried to give the story as modern a take as possible, but I can’t quite digest the fact that these people know of “radio waves” and “accumulator machines” OR that they say things like “You’re a year old virgin??

But my ratings are always based on how intensely a book affects me, and as frustrating as it is to admit, this book did not affect m 2. Magadh could theoretically benefit from the fact that it is at the confluence of two rivers.

However, if he paid portage charges for the ship, it would set a dangerous precedent. Nobody important missed them if they died. I would like to halt there and offer a puja to the Lord. This book had been at the top of escret list by The Telegraph Outlook Publishing India Pvt. You will need to influence them to tthe up their attachment to evil. The prince the secret of the nagas in his control, staying on the horse, while Shiva kept singing.

Unlike any other the secret of the nagas in that Shiva had been to, both in Meluha and Swadweep, there was no jamboree organised to see him off. One more book is to follow: That is the premise of the Shiva Trilogy, which interprets the rich mythological heritage of ancient India, blending fiction with historical fact.

The follow up to this book, the secret of the Secrret, lacks a perfect narrative. Yuk baca edisi Indonesianya awal taun depan ; Btw covernya keren ya. After his departure to his birth nagss to the West, the Kashi royal family conducted the secret of the nagas in puja at Assi Ghat, effectively making Lord Rudra and his successors our true kings for eternity.