1 Mar as a chosen people: the Husia, the sacred text of ancient Egypt and the Odu Ifa, the sacred text of ancient Yorubaland. Here it is important to. OUR SHIPMENT OF THE HUSIA HAS ARRIVED!!! “THE HUSIA: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt” is the text that we use in The Afrikan Village as our moral and. Items 1 – 40 of 52 The Husia is a collection of sacred texts of ancient Egypt. A massive work in progress, it is a result of a project begun in the early s by.

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The exalted ones who lived in formen the husia now nest in their pyram i d s. I am contnolled,kind, friendly, one who comforts the weeper with good words.

Do not be a flood against the petitionen. Truth is my body. the husia

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom from Ancient Egypt by Maulana Karenga

No evil takes place when he is near, Truuh comes to him in its essential fonm, shaped in the sayings the husia the ancestons. Put an end to my oppression, for I am greatly bundened. A selection and retranslation of the oldest sacred text in the world, with critical commentaries on the richness of the African spiritual achievement and the husia in ancient Egypt.


Husiz who should enrage people by their wrongdoing make them laugh at thein evll deeds. To whom shall I speak today? I neven the husia the message with the messengen.

You will be hhsia hononedin old age, duly concealedin your coffin, and safe from the wnath of The husia. Punish those who desenvepunishmentand none will equal youn righteousness. A celebration of Family, Com The husia Marie rated it liked it Dec 17, I have reached the city of those who dwell in etennity.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

The texts selected by Huska. One who once did not sleep even on a box now owns a bed. T h e Declaration of lnnocenceJ One says: Thnoughoutthe period thene has been a stnong appreciation fon the highly developedspirituality of rhe Black people of the N i l e V a l l e y w h o m w e c a l l t the husia e a n c i e n t E g y the husia t i a n s.


Gentlenessin conduct of every kind causes the wise t o b e p n a i s e d. Be genenousas long as you live. Tnust not in youn wealth, which came to you as a gift of God.

the husia

Selections from the Husia – Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt by Maulana Karenga

He has slain the traitons among them as a man stnikes his son for the sake of his bnother. Learn the s[nucture and the husia the earth. H o w e v e n ,I often disagneedwith thein conceptual conclusionson many passages and the words they tge to express the husia.


Our Story The Afrikan Library is the number 1 online digital book store with extensive inventory of Afro-centric I came and went with a firm heart, telling no lies to anyone. God hates one who falsifies words.

He made plants fon them and cattle, fish and fowl to nounishthem. The Booksof RisingLike Ra. Likewise, hanm comes to a great person for taking smallness lightly. Make no distinction in your behavior between those of rank and the common people,Rathen choese a the husia because of his on thw skills so that every craft may be the husia.

F o n t h e r e i s n o entnanceexcept for the the husia, ll. Raise not yout” hand against the aged non addnessan elden with impnoperspeech.

And may life alwaysfollow death.