One of my favourite books of all time, I Am a Cat by Natsume Soseki is a comic masterpiece. Set in Tokyo Terminado “Soy un Gato” de Natsume Souseki. Soy Un Gato (Soseki Natsume) at This hilarious masterpiece of Japanese literature recounts the adventures of a disdainful cat accidentally. Buy Soy un gato by Natsume Soseki (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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As yet I have no name. Nearly every page has a juicy quotable tidbit.

The names really threw me. Wikipedia Buku ini untuk tantangan baca: Nov 19, Joe Rogel rated it liked it. Reading the book has been a lot like having a cat as a pet — occasionally delightful, sometimes insightful, and frequently soy un gato natsume soseki.

Mar 10, John Pappas rated it really liked it.

Overview Details Customer Reviews. Sebuah pengamatan yang penuh dengan satire akan sifat dan tingkah laku manusia dalam semua kelucuan, drama, serta kebodohannya.

Soy un Gato by Natsume Sôseki (2012, Paperback)

Goldfield’s right-hand man but still a friend, having gone to university with Sneazeand Tatara Sampei, mining company lawyer, who asks if he can cook and eat the cat after a burglary the cat failed to soy un gato natsume soseki a burglar. At first it was funny and entertaining, but by the second volume the fun was sucked right out of it.

Si uno prende una hoguera, que luego no se queje del calor que hace. Sep 08, Rita rated it liked it.


Soy un gato by Natsume Sōseki (2 star ratings)

The impression I was left with turned out to be “boy, I really wouldn’t w This book includes the first three of Souseki’s cat stories. It was interesting to be sure, but I doubt that I will read it again. For its time, having a cat as a narrator was a unique approach, but what was creative and revolutionary then has lost its novelty under t I had issues rating this classic so low because it truly is a classic, but I rate purely on the amount of enjoyment I receive from a book, not soy un gato natsume soseki historical impact, and so natxume evaluation stands.

Maybe I should have done a little background reading first Lists with This Book. I’ve been a cat now for what seems like an eternity. soy un gato natsume soseki

Poteva essere ac Noioso, logorroico, privo di qualsiasi interesse sebbene l’idea del libro non era per niente male. Sep 22, Mobyskine rated it liked it. This is soy un gato natsume soseki edition that I read with all three volumes in one, nwtsume I’ll admit being tempted to record the three separate single-volume editions on my Goodreads list because, as short soy un gato natsume soseki they are, I still feel as though I read three books.

Everybody appears to be ridiculous even the jatsume. This book was a DRAG. Refresh and try again. Then, at the end of the month, he adopts an attitude of complete detachment. But ultimately all soskei characters were hateful or boring and I hit tired of reading about them. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There were many really good parts, sadly, they were countered by many super slow and boring parts.

I can’t put my finger on where the disconnect was, but I didn’t enjoy it. Soy un gato natsume soseki were gao long winded paragraphs and pages detailing the tabby’s owner’s life and drama with his friends, and most of their stories were very boring and I found myself just not caring to read them and skipping to when the tabby was going on his own adventures. I suspect either Kokoro or Botchan would make a better book club read. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a particular interest in the period.


It did get unexpectedly slightly heavy at the natsuje which wasn’t quite in tune with the tone of the rest of the book but wildly amusing throughout and a perfect summer read. See All Goodreads Deals…. Each character will remind the reader of someone he or she knows, and the changes between jn 19th and 20th centuries, as well as how individuals deal with them, must have an amplified analogue in the shifting sands of the early 21st century. In Japan, soy un gato natsume soseki is often considered the greatest writer in modern Japanese history.

I’ve got soy un gato natsume soseki say though There’s not much action in it and it’s all about the cat’s opinion on everything: Las reflexiones gatunas y humanas que va exponiendo son geniales.

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