Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shobhaa De is one of India’s top bestselling authors. Starry Nights – Kindle edition by Shobhaa De. Download it once and. 15 Oct Aasha Rani, Bombay’s no. 1 heroine, has everything she wants—fame, money, success. All except for Akshay Arora, the film star she is. Title, Starry nights. Author, Shobha Dé. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Penguin Books , Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Jan 22,

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Being a nobody to a top movie star, I guess everyone knows the price she had to pay to reach that stardom.

Bollywood Nights

Others she sleeps with offer the same lack of emot What a joyless book. I decided to incorporate “street speak” into one of its most popular columns “Neeta’s Natter”. I actually wonder why people use the word sleep around for having sex. Most of us are very happy at seeing the packaging and forget that beneath the packaging there might a truth nighte we have been running away from.

The protagonist did not staryr from her mistakes.

Click here to know more. Bollywood Nights is also relentlessly sex-negative.

Finally breaking down when her lover Akshay no longer wants her and shuns her, she stary to New Zealand. BUT, if you enjoy things like ‘The Coldest Winter’ or maybe the Shopaholic books or just gossipy tell all ‘girl sleeps her way to the top’ type of books this ones for you.

This is her story—from her days as a vulnerable small-town girl, shobhha by her ambitious mother into sleeping her way to the top, to getting her first break from Kishenbhai, the small-time distributor who never stops loving her, to sealing her career under the patronage of the deadly Bombay don Sheth Amirchand.


Even the most fulfilling consensual sex always turns out to have some kind of ulterior motive.

Starry Nights – Shobhaa De – Google Books

This book was really dark and cynical – I almost stopped reading it a few times in the first pages. Ne va pas croire que le mariage y change q Aasha then retires to New Zealand and decided to leave the film business. Starry Nights – Shobha De. Mar 19, G. And having a mother who is your own pimp, gees that’s sickening. All of a sudden the characters would do something that seemed totally out of their character that they had no motivation for. Bollywood Nights is a tell all type of book involving the Bollywood film industry but since it’s a work of fiction the names and dates have beenn changed and the surroundings melded together to protect the innocent or the way this book tells it, to hide the actions of the guilty.

It could have been a good book. I’m sure only the author ,and the press I’m sure, only know the real deal.

The author had tried to fit all the incidents she knew into one person’s life. I don’t know what kept me nighhs but I did finish the book. This woman is a train wreck disillusioned that she must spend life ‘laying down’ so to speak.

I think the author made a huge mistake in not translating the phrases she used. With her innocence stolen and nowhere else to turn, Aasha knows her downfall could come as quickly as her rise to fame. But honestly, this is the worst book I’ve ever read. No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Sort of a kind, you know. While working in the film industry, she falls in love with Akshay Arora who is a sex symbol in the movies. For other uses, see Starry Night disambiguation. Xavier’s College, Mumbai with a degree in psychology. In fact, one could be tempted to refer to it as a sex manual. Aasha Rani in turn is used and abused and seems to identify herself and her career with this demented “sex sells” type of persona.


Amma, who had been living with her in Hsobha, was sent away to Madras by Aasha for objecting to Akshay beating her one day. She later recants her anger, but you can’t understand why because she never explains her feelings. It is about Aasha Rani, a top actress of Bollywood starrh sleeps her way to glory. Sep 25, Allison rated it did not like it. There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books.

De’s “fictional” portrayal of the bollywood industry describes a woman who is used as a pawn for the ambition of her mother. The main character, Aasha Rani, is not likable in any way shape or form but the author tries to make the character likable in the second half but by that time it’s too late and shbha continues to be so dumb.

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Book review: Shobha De’s ‘Starry Nights’

Would I recommend noghts book? While that might be true, that is one horrendously bad choice for a protagonist and entirely devoid of redeemable qualities that would make a reader pine for her. It may not starry the fault of the author but it should have been thought of. There is part one which seems like a whole story unto it self and then an intermission and then part two, which seems totally different as well.