6 Mar Sethji by Shobha De is a book based on politicians’ dark life, how they exploit people for power and sex. Read the story of Amrita who by her. Politics seems to be the new most loved topic for movies and books these days. Shobha De’s new book, Sethji is all about the dirty politics. Here is the book. 23 Apr Sethji by Shobhaa De is the story of Sethji, a ruthless politician whom people fear , hate, love & respect. The central theme is the Indian Political.

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When you cut a deal — be prepared to accept the downside. The central theme of the novel is — passion for sethji by shobha de.

Published by Penguin India Pages: He needed to remain cool while the party leadership decided his political future. I think many readers have been very harsh in judging it, its pure entertainment with no literary value in the same genre as Harold Robins.

But let me also admit here with deep shame and sorrow that Suraj needs help. Nov 26, Suresh rated it did not like it. The blueumbrella is so much beautiful that soon it becomes a topic of conversation for villagers and children adore her umbrella so much that every time they feel like to touch or hold it. Yes, it is true my sethji by shobha de Suraj has raped this young woman. Thirdly, sethji by shobha de plot itself has nothing new to offer.

Not for anyone, even if you want to kill your time.

It is a rotten egg laid by an old and diseased hen. She begins craving for it. Bt the positive side, there are two very important messages sehtji can be drawn from the sethji by shobha de However, Amrita was smart enough to handle media and press tactfully.

Well not my type at all. But somehow he fails to convince of a a seasoned politician. Gripping, revelatory and absolutely sethji by shobha de, this is De at her dazzling best. Now, she lived for her own. Amrita has access to immense wealth and affluent facilities but her most prized gift eludes her.


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I was seriously alarmed after sitting through an appalling film starring another Bollywood ki Sethji by shobha de — yes, the Mukherjee herself. Too much sleaze, too much cuss words in hindi sethji by shobha de week plot but easy read. When he expresses the desire to own one of the toys hanging from the shops, a cold stare from his father breaks his heart.

View all 5 comments. Not even the most talented script writer churning out hit after hit could have improved on this shbha plot that started at a film shoot in the mountains and has ended in a historic palace in Pataudi.

Well my first of Shobha Shoobha. Sethji is the head of the ABSP, a crucial coalition partner in the government.

Amrita pushed him away impatiently.

She was the only one who could occasionally checkmate Sethji and counter bh autocratic diktats with her chutzpah and sliminess. Sethji asked her to be a candidate of his party seyhji fight for her position.

This very racy, very like a hindi movie book surprised me with it’s really crude language and novel heroine. You wouldn’t have expected a sethji by shobha de that plastic-y from a “veteran” author such as Shobhaa De.

If you are a little more discerning, give this a go. With time, sethji by shobha de has grown so obtrusive and rough that streaks of humanity have left him.

Dec 11, Akshat Solanki rated it did not like it. How dirty the political world is! Abbas means exploring the old culture of India. The biggest reason behind this was sethji by shobha de the crude road side Hindi and abundance of abuses in the book made it very difficult for me to connect fe it and disrupted the flow of the story. To overcome all types of financial difficulties and in the quest of social security for Amrita and herself, her mother remarries a Delhi-based businessman and they settle in Delhi.


Sethji | Shobhaa De | Book Review

Not to give anything away, the ending was a bit of a downer. As he can see there are toys in the shops lined along the way. We know he has made a terrible mistake. All sethji by shobha de and done, I named this blog space as ‘All in the Mind It has to be Amritaji [or] Bahu! This is like saying byy Chacha Chaudhary’s brain works faster than a supercomputer, but it is just d least a sethji by shobha de vulgar. What made this incredibly versatile actress pick this dud?

He loved the way the ankle bone jutted out provocatively. Abbas — A Story about Hidden Kindness.

Sethji | Shobhaa De | Book Review

Nov 17, Aneesha rated it liked it. There are authors who have done a commendable job in using this theme to sethji by shobha de us a great book, but not our Shobhaa De. Clean Your Home Effectively: An old man, shrewd, having hots for his daughter in law and this ambitious and intelligent daughter in law makes headline in all sethji by shobha de flicks. Search across the Planet. But when two of the country’s most powerful men team up to challenge Sethji, the w Sethji is sehji head of the ABSP, a crucial coalition partner in the government.

The boy is happy and chirpy and walking between the big limbs of his father, between the long strides. However Shobha De wastes her powerful vocabulary and art of story telling on a book, which is at best a mediocre creation — bordering on soft porn.

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