Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Senta Maria Runge, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Joyce Lee and Joyce Eve Lee Cosmetics, Inc., a Corporation,defendants-appellants, F.2d (9th Cir. ) case. Author of Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge originator of facial exercises, has devoted almost 30 years to develop facial exercises, introduced by.

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The skin will always adapt to the size of its underlying foundation. In your mind, try to feel the muscle-flesh-skin of your cheeks. Runge’s agreement with Vogue provided that the magazine acquired only publication rights to the materials and that the copyright was to revert to Runge for all further uses as of January 1, With a soft eyebrow pencil, draw on the face the location of the muscle group you wish to work on, as it is marked on the photo.

However, as the years pass, this muscle structure gradually succumbs to gravity’s pull.

Senta Maria Runge

In particular, pay attention to the sides of the lids and brows, since those muscles are thinner and more difficult to move. Rujge you direct your thoughts inward, you will suddenly discover that YOU are the creator of your concepts of beauty, which lie in the spiritual realm within.

As you balance your urnge on the balls of your feet especially on the joints of the big toes, gunge blades back and down, chin somewhat forward but level, you will have to search for a double chin or lines on your throat. Now straighten out the hollowness at your back by flattening it against the wall.

A correct performance with more than 3 steps will show im- mediate results by lifting and firming the cheek in the exercised area.

United Artists Television Inc. Rnuge is no secret that people living in cool, damp areas have the most beautiful skin – moist, tight and radiant. Protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays, by applying a good sun-block. Squint slightly upward and hold your skin in the temple area against the bone. Eat, drink or speak by consistently keeping the middle part of the upper lip lower down than the rest of the upper lip.


Years ago, when the water coming down from the clouds above was still clean, I recommended rainwater-compresses as “Nature’s miraculous cosmetic” for dry skin. Therefore, the notice of copyright in the book represented complete compliance with the Act’s requirements 17 U. Perspiration, regardless if triggered by sunbathing, fever or facial steaming, is drying to the skin because perspiration forces the skin’s moisture to the surface.

According to the law of inheritance, Nature favors some skins more than others, depending largely on the moisture content in the skin. That was the beginning of a successful career which today helps countless women and men around the world. Not wanting to realize or accept these 47 gifts of life for each season and not making the best of them, would be as foolish as not expressing the beauty of each season of life gratefully.

The range of movement for Muscle Section No. Proper cleansing at night prepares the skin for a good moisturizing night cream – intended to carry moisture to the skin and thus soften it.

Once you are ready for the isometric to Exercise No. Mouth corner muscles stay relaxed during action.

senta maria runge

Surgical face lifting provides, in most cases at least temporarilya good lift effect, however, not in a natural form as one would wish. While holding upper lip somewhat maaria from the teeth, move upper lip slow- ly downward.

Same resistance position as before. First locate the particular muscle group responsible for the contour fault you wish to correct.

Watch that your smiling lines do not slip out of your grip.

Senta Maria Runge Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘Face Lifting By Exercise’

Thanks to your instruction. Dry, icy air, like moist heat, is also damaging to the skin. This is an excellent way of acquainting yourself with your smile line muscles and to bring them under control. When Senta Maria Srnta, outstanding beauty authority says, “You do not have to lose the beauty and youthfulness of your facial contour with the passage of years,” she speaks with full confidence because she has proven her statement with countless women and men the world over.


Pulling the eyebrows together in a vertical scowl creates an expression of disapproval, wenta or criticism. And, very confidentially, a suntan is fashionable only until a certain age, which the moisture content of a skin will determine. Circles around the eyes which existed before muscular relaxation, cannot be removed by exercising.

Scowl lines are muscles which have been formed into lines by the habit of pulling the brows together. See Universal Pictures, supra. Prove it to yourself by practicing the following: This applies also to the scowl line s – vertical lines – between the brows.

Consequently, a second or even a third application will have to be used until the skin is completely free of everything that clogs the pores.

I have seen women and men under thirty with a lip of a fifty-year-old person, brought upon by the previously mentioned habits. Examination will show that much of the surface has received no color at all. In this position now move the pencil line over your chin bone as you have practiced before.

Horizontal lines on forehead form by the habit of keeping the eyebrows raised. Hands must be removed and results observed after each performance. Principles of the Exercises: The court’s instructions were both legally sound and very explicit in setting forth the factual elements that the jury would have to find in order to award punitive damages. Mineral oil is the base for most day lotions, because it remains on the surface of the skin and subsequently, is able to protect the skin.