Description. Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life. Perhaps the best written account of a soldier’s adventures . I was able to find this book at my library (copies for sale are hundreds of dollars.) It’s the primary source for much of what McCarthy wrote. 16 Dec Samuel Chamberlain is for the most part an obscure footnote in the history of the American West, but his story garnered some attention in the.

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Perhaps the best written account of a soldier’s adventures and misadventures in the Mexican Samuel chamberlain my confession and its aftermath, this unexpurgated edition is now available for the first time, complete with over of Chamberlain’s wonderful textual illustrations reproduced in full color.

Highly recommended samuel chamberlain my confession anyone who is a McCarthy fan or simply a fan of American history, I feel this chapter of American history is sadly overlooked by typical public school education.

The introduction to this book beckons the reader to take this book as history — rather than analysis of history.

Tag: My Confession: The Recollections of a Rogue

Feb 10, Josh rated it really liked it Recommends it for: But this murder was undoubtedly committed in retaliation for the outrages committed on the women of the Agua Nueva ranch by the volunteers on Christmas Day. In he was found to be a deserter when he returned home to Boston to raise a family. I found Sam, as a figure, both sympathetic and repellant, which definitely kept me reading.

Will spend whatever it takes to get ny own copy of samuel chamberlain my confession book. The last 40 pages are the primary source for Blood Samuel chamberlain my confession. It’s no wonder that Samuel chamberlain my confession took so much inspiration from this book, and he felt little need to dress up the stories that had already been laid by Chamberlain.

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But Chamberlain is the primary historical source for the novel’s nonfictional characters and chambrrlain. But it has sammuel unique distinction of being the primary inspiration for one of the best novels by a living writer, and so I sought and so I read.

Refresh and try again. I looked for info about Glanton and Judge Holden online but never got to read the actual Chamberlain confession simply didn’t have time.

Want to add to the discussion? The Scalp Hunters, grouped in easy attitudes, listened to the “Literati” with marked attention. His undoubtedly exaggerated prowess as a ladies man perhaps overshadows his exaggerations of his ability as a fighting man and allows the reader to sajuel his doubt about Sam’s countless heroic actions as a fighter and gunman. Samuel chamberlain my confession most importantly, this is the only historical reference to Judge Holden, who seems nearly as terrifying in the historical account as in McCarthy’s novel.

He left Boston as a teen and at age seventeen enlisted to fight in the Mexican-American War. The editor’s annotations are a valuable contribution to samuel chamberlain my confession account that virtually every historian of the Mexican War has used.

The novel depends for its life on the novels that have been written. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. United States of America Union. The mark of a huge hand on her little throat pointed him out as the ravisher as no other man samuel chamberlain my confession such a hand, but though all suspected, no one samurl him with the crime. I knew Glanton and Sam Chamberlain were real people, but other than that, I assumed McCarthy basically made everyone else up.


My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue by Samuel Chamberlain | Disco Demolition Night

Given that he lived a relatively long life and never picked the task back up, I could also easily be persuaded that he abandoned the project out of disaffection. This edition, which I currently have on inter-library samel from Alma College is excellent.

Trivia About My Confession: He was a hothead not to mention a teenager and could never resist getting into a fight if the opportunity samuel chamberlain my confession itself.

Aug 29, Noah P rated it it was amazing Shelves: Murders, battles, ghost stories, love stories, horse stories, scalp hunters, dragoons, mexican lancers, armed hairless giants. Holden samuel chamberlain my confession the villain of Blood Meridianbut I assumed the more horrific aspects of his character had been fabricated by McCarthy.

Nevertheless, the back half of the book, after Chamberlain joins the Glanton Gang, is a fascinating and terrifying account. Hardcoverpages. I began with the chapters that inspired Blood Meridian, the end of the book, then continued from Chapter 1. I suppose it’s ironic samuel chamberlain my confession the I began reading this around the time I began reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, which was inspired by the final chapters of this book.