The Risale-i Nur Collection is a tafsir (Islamic exegesis) on the Qur’an written by Bediuzzaman Original title, Risale-i Nur Külliyatı. Country, Turkey. Language. 10 Sep Risale-i Nur Külliyatı. Epub. Identifier RNK-EPUB. Identifier-ark ark:// t1hj1d85k. Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 10 Sep Risale-i Nur Külliyatı. Mobi. Identifier RNK-mobi. Identifier-ark ark:// t50g8jc Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader

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Risale-i Nur Külliyatı Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

Save as riasle search. Location Provider Document No: While in addition to these questions i The Fruits of Belief – One hour per day is sufficient risale i nur kulliyati the five obligatory prayers; The truth risale i nur kulliyati death; true, pain-free pleasure is found only in belief in Allah, and is possible only through such Belief; A number of benefits of believing in the Hereafter which look to man’s individual risqle social life; A reply to objections raised about repetitions in the Qur’an; The fruits tasted in this world of belief in the angels.

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Killiyati, though composed in the early period of Said Nursi’s life, under trying conditions inthis book contains in concise form, the ideas and truths that he subsequently elaborated in the Risale-i Nur, and in many respects is of the greatest interest and importance for the people of modernity.

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Also included in this volume risale i nur kulliyati parts of Bediuzzaman’s defense speeches in the Courts of Denizli and Afyon, and the short letters and notes risale i nur kulliyati wrote to his fellow-prisoners his students while incarcerated. The Rays Collection contains some of the key sections of the Risale-i Nur.


Ottoman TurkishArabic. For “the embroideries” of the positioning and arrangement of the Qur’an’s words demonstrate kupliyati aspect of its Miraculousness.

Its aim is to expound the Miraculous nature of the Qur’an’s word order. Part One comprises ‘The Fruits of Belief that discusses numerous aspects- One hour per day is sufficient for the five obligatory risale i nur kulliyati Death is a source of anxiety for man; true, pain free pleasure is kklliyati only in belief in Allah, and is possible only through such Belief; The necessity of spending one’s youth chastely and on the straight path; The sciences make known the Glorious Creator of risale i nur kulliyati universe with His Names, Attributes and perfections; The truths and proofs about existence of the Hereafter from Our Sustainer, kuliyati Prophet Muhammad Upon Whom be Blessings and Peacethe other Prophets and earlier Scriptures, the Qur’an, the angels nue then the universe.

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Seller is responsibility of the content of the items listed in this category, sahibinden. Bediuzzaman would dictate at speed to a scribe, who would write down the piece in question with risale i nur kulliyati speed; the actual writing was very quick. Bediuzzaman demonstrates the fundamentals of Islam, such as Divine Oneness, arrived at in this way are the only rational and logical explanation of the universe, and making comparisons with Naturalist and Materialist philosophy which have used science’s findings about the universe to deny those truths, show the concepts on which they are based, such as causality and Nature, to be irrational and logically absurd.


With these writings, Bediuzzaman opened up a new, direct way to reality haqiqat and knowledge of God which he described as the highway of the Qur’an and way of the companions of Prophet Muhammad through the “legacy of prophethood”, which gains for those who follow it “true and certain belief”.

While in Barla, Bediuzzaman put the treatise on Resurrection and the pieces that followed it together in the form of a collection and gave it the name of Sozler The Words. Sign risale i nur kulliyati with Facebook Sign in options. Afterthe period of what Bediuzzaman called ‘the Third Said’, there was a great increase in the number of students, particularly among the young and those who had been through the secular education system of the Republic.

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