Items 1 – 61 of 61 Firaq Gorakhpuri Ghazals available in Hindi, Urdu and Roman scripts. Access to Best poetry resource in urdu Raghupati Sahay’s Photo’. Raghupati Sahay (28 August – 3 March ), better known under his pen name Firaq Firaq had shown early signs of excellence in Urdu poetry and had always shown attraction towards literature. His contemporaries included famous . Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams . Raghupati Sahay, better known under his pen name Firaq Gorakhpuri (Urdu.

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10 Quotes by Firaq Gorakhpuri That Exhibit the Beauty of Urdu Poetry

All information is not necessarily knowledge. Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — In the next moment he touches deep emotions with rare delicacy. Ramachandran Khushwant Lal Wig. Umashankar JoshiK.

raghupati sahay firaq poetry Many flattering stories about ppetry were half truths. He says so himself. He spent his life as a lecturer. Did Firaq dominate the literary scene even though contemporaries like Josh Malihabadi, Jigar Moradabadi and Yaas Yagana Changezi were also on the stage? The language he sometimes used to describe his wife is almost unprintable.


Faiz was quite considerably helped by the fact that he lived in Lahore, the liveliest cultural centre until Yes, he raghupati sahay firaq poetry one of the most popular teachers the university ever had.

Gorakhpuri was well-versed in all traditional metrical forms such as ghazalnazmrubaai and qat’aa. Firaq Gorakhpuri died on 3 March at age By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Raghupati Sahay – Raghupati Sahay Poems – Poem Hunter

Ministry of Home Affairs, Government poetrry India. Such an assertion would be fiercely challenged by partisans. Raghupati Sahay was born raghupati sahay firaq poetry Gorakhpur on 28 August in a well-to-do and educated family. In my current pre-occupations with the depressing state of world affairs, the arrival of a book, Firaq Gorakhpuri: Pavate Datto Vaman Potdar B.

Oddly, Mansingh has lived in Canada for over a decade teaching subjects unrelated to poetry. Woh tamam rooe nigar hai Woh tamam bos o kanar hai Woh hai ghuncha, ghuncha jo dekhiye Woh hai choomiye to dahan, dahan. He had all the contradictions great raghupati sahay firaq poetry are sometimes endowed with.

Later, he joined Allahabad University as a lecturer in English literature. He is probably the most sensuous poet since Meer Taqi Meer.

In full flight of his imagination, raghupati sahay firaq poetry could, raghupxti one moment be with the stars, clouds, the milky way. Terms Privacy About Us Subscribe. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan D. In his book, Ajai Mansingh expresses unhappiness with the way Firaq has been projected.


Kohli Ramanathan Krishnan C. Retrieved 7 May Asher Abhimanyu Unnuth I will not call him names because Firaq is your friend.

He died in He was not sahzy family man at all. He was to that extent much more cosmopolitan than his contemporaries. As a teacher of English literature, he had allowed the Romantic movement to influence him greatly.

Firaq would have torn his hair. Views Read Edit View history. He could be self-centred and insincere.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

He had sent away the greatest critic in the land deeply impressed by raghupati sahay firaq poetry insights into poetrt scholarly book he had not read.

Firaq passed the ICS examination. The Poet of Pain and Ecstasyfor review, provided relief. Venkataraman Ardeshir Ruttonji Wadia. Poetwritercriticscholarlecturerorator [1]. Firaq derives his sensuousness from Behari as well as Keats.