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When the tubes are energized, they become conductors, and can transmit and receive radio signals.

Plasma Antennas | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

Charges are displaced and restoring electric fields are set up in response to the applied field. When gas is not ionized the antenna element ceases to exit.

While in operation, a plasma antenna with a low ionization level can plasma antenna seminar report decoupled from an adjacent high-frequency transmitter. It has been mathematically illustrated that by selecting the gases and changing ion density that the antennx aperture or apparent footprint of a plasma antenna can be made to perform on par with a metal counterpart having a larger physical size.

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It offers a paradigm shift in the way we look at antennas and is already providing the opportunity to create many new and original antenna designs. Phased array element replacements.

Other important military factors are weight, size and the ability to reconfigure. In its most common form, an antenna represents a conducting metal surface that is sized to emit radiation at one or more selected frequencies.

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plasm Plasma antennas offer distinct advantages and can compete with plasma antenna seminar report metal antenna applications. The surface space-charge wave 2 is electro-mechanical in nature.

Broad band jamming equipment including for spread-spectrum emitters. Ionized gas antenna elements can be constructed and configured into an array that is dynamically reconfigurable for frequency, beamwidth, power,gain, semibar and directionality – on the fly.

Important to ASI’s technology, plasmas are conductive assemblies of charged and neutral particles and fields that exhibit collective effects. When the gas is not ionized, the antenna element ceases to exist. Plasma Antennas Published on Dec 12, A single plasma antenna seminar report antenna structure can use time multiplexing so that many Plasma antenna seminar report subsystems can share one antenna resource reducing the number and size of antenna structures.

Plasma antennas have a number of potential advantages for antenna design. To date, the research has produced many novel antennas using standard fluorescent tubes and these have been characterized and compare favourably with their metal equivalents.

Plasma antenna technology employs ionized gas enclosed in a tube or other enclosure as the conducting element of an antenna. The different states of matter generally found on earth are solid, liquid, and gas. We also believe our technology can compete in many metal antenna applications.

Since then, an investigation of the wider technical issues of existing antenna systems has revealed areas where plasma antennas might be useful.


Plasma antenna can be “Steered” electronically. The radiation pattern is controlled by parameters such as plasma density, tube shape, and current distribution. Plasma is an ionized gas and can plasma antenna seminar report formed repirt subjecting a gas to strong electric or magnetic fields. Plasma elements can be energized and de—energized in seconds, which prevents signal degradation. IFF “identification friend or foe” land-based vehicle antennas. Plasma antenna is just another type of radio antenna which is currently under development.

The research may one day have far reaching applications from robust military antennas through to greatly improved external television aerials. Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students.

The advantage of a plasma antenna is that it can appear and disappear in a few millionths of a second. When they are de-energised, they revert to non-conducting elements and do not reflect probing radio signals.

The same effect is observed with the use of ionosphere, which is plasma. This is a fundamental change from traditional antenna design that generally employs solid metal wires as plasma antenna seminar report conducting element. The concept is to use plasma discharge tubes as the antenna elements.