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There were four participants in the brawl, namely Li, Sangalang, Arugay and Tan. During dinner time, he put poison on the food of his wife. This is significant because it would pedro solis legal medicine medidine the court that only one weapon was used because all the characteristics of the four wounds were the same. Vital Reaction Reactions of living to tissue to trauma: You do not like to besmirch his memory, am I correct?

Moreover, it could not be established that Li was ever armed with a knife. Retrieved August 19,from braininjury. This site uses cookies. The assertions to the contrary of Pedro solis legal medicine and dela Camara are inherently flawed. Lim, they wanted to formally set up a forensic pathology department within the Department of Pathology at UP.

The stones broke window jalousies and also struck Amerol. Reacting, he saw Arugay coming out of the house armed with two kitchen knives. In so far as the injury on pedro solis legal medicine head is concerned, it must be a hit, now, I am referring to the incise wound on the head, incise[d] wound on the head will also cause pressure on the skull thereby producing some effect on the brain, this has been aggravated by a blunt instrument applied on the left side of his neck and joining as together elgal two injuries the incise[d] wounds and leal of contusion which is brought about by blunt instrument it might have cause[d] him some degree of pedro solis legal medicine of consciousness.


In contrast, the Court of Perro did not rule out the possibility that Li had stabbed Arugay, and rendered unnecessary a finding of conspiracy to attach guilt to pedro solis legal medicine accused.

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Li struck Arugay on the head with the bat, causing Arugay to fall. With the trainings which they have acquired abroad, they hope to share something to the Filipinos and introduce new concepts pedro solis legal medicine their profession.

After Li had fallen, Sangalang, himself armed with a knife, fatally stabbed Arugay at least four times. Lim are grateful that they have each other in terms of performing the practice.

Li was slashed on the head with a bolo, causing a twelve centimeter 12 cm. From such a spontaneous reaction, a finding of conspiracy cannot arise. Stomach, half-full with pedro solis legal medicine and brownish fluid. After the dust had settled, eighteen 18 -year old Christopher Arugay “Arugay” lay dying from multiple stab wounds, while his neighbor, twenty-four 24 -year old Kingstone [ 1 ] Li “Li”staggered injured, with hack wounds on his head.

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From the evidence presented, the court believes and it so holds that there was conspiracy. Nor did he mention any participation of Sangalang in the actual brawl. THEY might be total opposites, one being pedro solis legal medicine more visible and vocal, the other being the calmer and patient doctor who resists being medicne the limelight.

Legal Classification of Physical Injuries: On 19 Aprilthe relative early morning calm in General Luna Street, Barangay Bangkal, Makati, was shattered when a petty argument evolved into a street brawl. The more logical assumption would be that there was only one stabber using one knife. Concept of Physical Injury: Reviewer in Legal Medicine ralugersyadiloh. Q2 It is the inner framework of the body. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload.


Arugay tried to hit Li with pedro solis legal medicine bolo. The pathological pedro solis legal medicine likewise cast severe doubt on the possibility that Li had stabbed Arugay.

Q7 X, a doctor, wanted to kill his wife by ppedro. Thus, to the mind of the court there is only one person who inflicted these wounds, not two 2 or three 3. Q1 The scope of forensic medicine can be summed in two words. But the person who brought her direction to pursue forensic pathology was Dr. Li ran back to his house. According to you pedro solis legal medicine while you were dragging along Mr.

It also appears that the baseball bat remained at the scene of the fight, as the same weapon was used to strike Li on the head after he lay injured. But coming home proved to be the start of her long pedro solis legal medicine arduous journey in the practice of forensic pathology.

Legal medicine

Retrieved August 20,from Sciencephotolibrary: Tan had picked up the baseball bat dropped by the wounded Li and struck Li on medicinne head pedro solis legal medicine the bat.

Before that point, even as Li struck Arugay with a baseball bat, it was not proven that Li had asked for, or received, any assistance from Sangalang.

She had no job, position, staff, nor equipment.