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The spirit of love embodied by Kama is now disseminated across the cosmos: Some of the attributes of Kamadeva are: Indra assigns Kamadeva to break Shiva’s meditation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However Shiva observes Parvati and asks her how he can help her. Archived from the original on January 14, For other uses, see Manmadhan disambiguation.

A Sourcebook Translated kamadevatua the Sanskrit.

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Kamadeva is also mentioned in the 12th-century Javanese poem Smaradahanaa rendering of the myth of Kamadeva’s burning by Shiva and fall from heaven to earth.

Wikimedia Commons kamadeatha media related to Kamadeva.

According to Shiva PuranaKamadeva is a son or a creation of Brahma. He is distinguished from the spiritual Kamadeva.

The Ashoka tree is often planted near temples. Kamadeva was son of lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. Vishnu fatherLakshmi mother.


Radha is without equal in the universe for beauty, and her power constantly defeats the god of love, Kamadeva. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

While it is believed that there are no kamadevathq to Kamadeva, and no murtis statues of Kamadeva are sold for worship on the market, [35] yet there is an ancient temple of Madan Kamdev in Baihata Chariali, Kamrup district in Assam.

Initially the spring festival Holi was being held in reverence to celestial Vedic figure of Kamadeva, however it is presently dedicated to Krishna. Kama and his consort Rati are referenced as Kamajaya and Kamarati in Kakawin poetry and later Wayang narratives. University of Virginia Press. Kamadeva’s consort Ratiwhose very essence is desire, carries a discus and a lotusand her arms are compared with lotus-stalks.

Hindu deities and texts. Deva means heavenly or divine.

The name is used in Rig Veda RV 9 Devotion to Kamadeva keeps desire within the framework of the religious tradition. In other sources such as the Skanda PuranaKamadeva is a brother of Prasuti ; they are both the children of Shatarupa created by Brahma.

Hindu gods Love and lust gods. He evades Shiva’s guard, Nandinby taking the form of the fragrant southern breeze, and enters Shiva’s abode. Hinduism portal Hindu mythology portal. All these are symbols of spring season, when his festival is celebrated as HoliHolika or Vasanta.


The demigod Kamadeva also incarnates as Krishna’s son Pradyumna after being burned down by Shiva.


The Wesleyan Juvenile Offering: Since he was begotten by Krishna himself, his qualities were similar to those of Krishna, such as his colour, appearance and attributes. Madan on his parrot. Kamadeva is sometimes portrayed as being kamsdevatha the service of Indra: Brahma advises that Parvati should seduce Shiva, since their offspring would be able to defeat Taraka.

The story of the birth of Kamadeva has several variants in different Puranas. The religious rituals addressed to him offer a means of purification and re-entry into the community.

kamadevatha wallpapers | Telugu Kathalu & Boothukathalu & Srungara Sarasamina Kathalu

The ruins of Madan Kamdev are scattered widely in a secluded place, covering meters. American Journal of Philology. Journal of Asian Studies. Journal of the American Academy of Kamadefatha.

The myth of Kamadeva’s incineration is referenced in the Matsya Purana to reveal a relationship between Krishna and Kamadeva. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.