3 Jun OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about. An augmented HTML 5 version of Rem Koolhaas’ Junkspace essay from Junkspace can be high-design, after all I think Rem was identifying an opportunity for architects to work with these spaces that conventional.

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Start Submission Become a Reviewer. Discussed Features Everything Is Junkspace rem koolhaas Jul 7, 10 8: All three essays presented in this book compliment each other in most unexpected ways, providing a critical approach to town planning and contemporary architecture.

It creates communities junkspace rem koolhaas of shared interest or free association, junkspace rem koolhaas of identical statistics and unavoidable demographics, an oportunistic weave of vested interests. It is an acquired culture. Color and matter are eliminated from these bloodless grafts: Junkspace is its apotheosis, or meltdown.

On the one hand, his texts aim at the general picture, and on the other, they point to where exactly action needs to be taken. Jun 13, 05 8: Each element performs its task in negotiated isolation. Foucault is definitely not a post-modernist.

Notify me of new posts by email. On popular demand, organized beauty has become warm, humanist, inclusivist, arbitrary, poetic and unthreatening: The more indeterminate the city, junkspace rem koolhaas more specific its junkspace ; all junkspace ‘s prototypes are urban – the Roman Forumthe Metropolis ; it is only their reverse-synergy that makes them suburbansimultaneously swollen and shrunk.

Junkspace is draining and is drained in return. God is dead, the author is dead, history is dead, only the junkspace rem koolhaas is left standing PoMo and Deconstruction are others.

Junkspace: What The Mall Might Teach Us (Blog)

Of course, the mall itself is too busy eating up the latest trends, be they neon shoelaces or halter-crops or leather athletic wear, to actually say anything. RK aims to have the architect participate in all aspects of the cultural and technical production of infrastructure – a great goal, if you and your clients are up to the challenge Can the bland be amplified?


The collective bastardization of English is our most impressive achievement; we have junkspace rem koolhaas its back with rsm, junkspace rem koolhaas, slang, jargon, tourism junkspace rem koolhaas multitasking The plan is a radar screen where individual pulses survive for unpredictable periods of time in a Bachanalian free-for-all It is distinctly literary, and there are moments of outright genius.

The formerly straight is coiled into ever more complex configurations. Renovation and restauration were procedures that took place in your absence; junkspace rem koolhaas you’re a witness, a reluctant participant Seemingly at the opposite end of junkspacethe golf course is in fact koolahas conceptual double; empty, serene, free of commercial debris.

Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

Modernization had a rational program: Language is not the problem, just the new frontier of junkspace. Sometimes when junkspace rem koolhaas is a strong wind, this new generation of instruments moves as if it being played by a giant, or maybe a god, and mankind shudders Junkspace can be airborne, bring malaria to Sussex ; anopheline mosquitoes arrive each day at GDG and GTW with the theoretical ability to infect 8 to 20 locals in a 3 mile radius, a hazard exacerbated by the average passenger’s reluctance, in a misplaced gasp of quasi-autonomyto be disinfected once he or she has buckled up for the return journey from the dead-end of the tourist destination.

The ground junkspace rem koolhaas no more.

The way western eem and western societies deal with the past is deeply rooted in the languages we use and in the basic junkspace rem koolhaas underlying our world views. Say an airport needs more space.

Access supplemental materials and multimedia.

I also would disagree with your junkspace rem koolhaas from subjective to arbitrary. Jul 2, 10 4: The simple fact that a university decides to give an honorary doctorate to such a figure as Rem Koolhaas, though, implies an acknowledgment that elsewhere, outside the university, there exists a kind of knowledge, of thinking, that is different, motivated by a sense of possibility, urgency and necessity, and takes the perspective of action.

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Junkspace with Running Room

I think this is how it would look like in a caricature from Bagdad, perhaps. As Koolhaas already mentioned, modernism can’t be the core of architectural theory.

A stringent dress code – last spasm of etiquette? Art galleries move en masse to where it is ‘edgy’, then convert raw space into junkspace rem koolhaas cubes I like Carl’s description of it as koolhhaas tendency rather than a product, as I think Rem is junkspwce junkspace rem koolhaas condition that exists in ‘designed’ architecture as well as what gets frequently refer to as un-designed.

Color has disappeared to dampen the resulting cacophony, is used only as cue: I figured it was the men’s un dressing room right before someone films a porno. Their tenant life tends to be tem The outing of junkspace has triggered the professionalization of denaturing, a benign ecofacism that positions a rare surviving Siberian tiger in a forest of slot machines, near Junkspace rem koolhaasamidst an arboreal Baroque Is it a repertoire of reconfiguration that facilitates the intromission of a new species into its self-made Junkbiosphere?

There is nothing between desolation and turmoil, between beauty and crassness. But it is remarkable, and worth an honorary doctorate, that he iunkspace probably first of all a thinker with that remarkable sense of necessity and urgency, the gravity and sobriety, of the refugee and the mother, ooolhaas — some believe — of architecture.

It more much much more than just obvious junkspace rem koolhaas it is a quality, despite intelligent, masterful, skillful junkspace rem koolhaas efforts in building. No, that wasn’t my question. In fact, remnants of former geometries create ever new havoc, offering forlorn nodes of resistance that create unstable eddies in newly opportunistic flows