IRIS &RETINAL SCANNING ABSTRACT As our society becomes more and more modernized so does our need for more sophisticated ways to identify people. Iris Scanning Seminar Report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Iris Scanning. Seminar Report ‘ BIOMETRICS – FUTURE OF IDENTITY Biometric dates back to ancient Egyptians who measured people to identify them.

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The image of the iris can be captured using a standard camera using both visible and infrared light and may be either a manual or automated procedure Figure 4. Iris recognition is a biometric technology for identifying humans by capturing and analyzing the unique patterns of the iris in the human eye. The iris usually has a brown, blue, gray, or greenish color, with complex patterns that are visible upon close inspection. It intrinsic polar geometry which imparts a natural co-ordinate system iris scanning seminar report an origin of co-ordinates.

Iris recognition is a biometric technology for identifying humans by capturing and analysing the unique patterns iris scanning seminar report the iris in the human eye. The image is then analysed to identify the outer boundary of the iris scanninb it meets the white sclera of the eye, the pupillary boundary and the centre of the pupil.

Finally, some advantages include protection, speed, accuracy, scalability and stability, and some disadvantages are blindness, infection, and expensive iris scanning seminar report etc. Download your Reports for Repodt Scanning.

Since the persons to be identified should be physically present at the point of identification, biometric techniques gives high security for the sensitive information stored in mainframes or to avoid fraudulent use of ATMs. Capturing the iris image is just like taking a picture.

Biometric devices have three primary components. Thus, the probability of two irises producing the same code is approximately 1 in So it is need to ensure denial of access to classified data by unauthorized persons.


This technology finds applications in diverse fields. Biometric dates back to ancient Egyptians who measured people to identify them.

Inophthalmologist Frank Burch proposed the concept of using iris patterns as a method to recognize an individual, the idea appeared in James Bond films, but it still remained iris scanning seminar report fiction and conjecture. Conventional methods of identification based on possession of ID cards or exclusive knowledge like social security number or a password iris scanning seminar report not altogether reliable.

The iris located in the human eye is protected behind the eyelid, cornea and aqueous.

An Iris-Scan model iris scanner. Once all the bits have been compared, the number of non-matching bits iris scanning seminar report divided by the total number of bits to produce a two-digit figure of how the two Iris-Code records differ. Biometric system automatically verifies or recognizes the identity of a living person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Iris scanning seminar report visible pattern imaged from a distance. Then mail to us immediately to get the full report.

Image acquisition, the first phase, is one of the major challenges of automated iris recognition since we need to capture a high-quality image of the iris while remaining non-invasive to the human operator. The iris pattern remains stable and unchanged after the age of two year and does not degrade over time or with the environment. The cornea and the aqueous humor in front of the iris protect it from scratches and dirt, the iris is installed in its own iris scanning seminar report.

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Iris scanning seminar report the left and right irises of a single person seem to be highly distinct. There are many biometric technologies which commonly be used in government, forensics and commercial area Ross, such as iris recognition, fingerprints, hand geometry, and DNA Ghatol, I dedicate this work to Almighty God for his protection and good health He bestow me throughout the duration of this programme.


This technology finds applications in diverse fields. It has a pigmented layer, which forms a coloring that surrounds the pupil of the eye.

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Position of iris scanning seminar report iris is bounded by the pupil and the sclera white of the eye on their surroundings. Apart from being a necessary condition in Madonna University, it is also an opportunity for the researcher to conduct an independent study based on empirical data. Biometric technology has now become a viable alternative to traditional identification systems because of its tremendous accuracy and speed. The need for secure methods of authentication is becoming increasingly important in the corporate iris scanning seminar report today.

irid Such that an unauthorized user may be able to break into an account with little effort. The iris recognition technology captures and analyzes the unique features of iris in the human eye to perform identification.

Due to increased rate of crime, inaccuracy, unreliability, inadequacy of other biometric techniques and the use of weak password which can reoprt easily cracked, the quest for strong authentication is needed and that is where Iris Recognition comes in. Iris scanning seminar report recommendations made in this study will serve as possible solutions to appropriate agencies in adopting Iris Recognition in curtailing crimes and impersonation.

Iris segmentation is an essential in automated iris processing systems, because it is the basis for any iris scanning seminar report operations. This paper explores the concept of Iris recognition which is one of the most popular biometric techniques. Iris scan has implemented their devices with great success in prisons in Pennsylvania and Florida. Unlike other biometric such as fingerprints and face recognition, the distinct aspect of iris comes from randomly distributed features.