Il mulino sulla Floss has ratings and reviews. Huda said: I think that, The novel was to monitor a particular historical period.. in terms. Title, Il mulino sulla floss. Volume 36 of Biblioteca di Repubblica: Ottocento. Author, George Eliot. Publisher, L’Espresso-Division La Repubblica, Bibliographic information. QR code for Il mulino sulla Floss. Title, Il mulino sulla Floss Volume 30 of Biblioteca dell’Espresso: I grandi romanzi · Volume 30 of I.

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I’m just so glad I didn’t live then! It felt like Eliot resorted sklla a Deus ex Machina when there was potential for something much tighter, where the author’s hand was less obvious in resolving the many crises.

Il mulino sulla floss – George Eliot – Google Books

Alla fine resta il dubbio di quanto sia ironica e critica, l’autrice, e di quale flloss il suo vero sguardo sulla tragica vicenda dei Gulliver, quanto Maggie sia vittima del tempo o carnefice di se stessa, quanto Tom sia ottuso e insensibile o rigoroso difensore della famiglia, quanto la gente di St. I’m not sure there’s going to be much of a plot, but I think I’m still really going to like this. Plotting covetousness and deliberate contrivance in to compass a selfish end are nowhere abundant in the world of the mulnio.

Dickens’s Mullno Dorrit and this felt like one of the first times I really understood a character’s compulsion to act “dutifully,” because of how aptly Eliot links it with future guilt and unhappiness.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss

Her intellectual views did not, however, change. This is a very carefully constructed novel – a Bildungsroman set in the early 19th century. Wives and Daughters was a hard pill to swallow and this The Mill on sulka Floss could have been a little bit better. Anyways, I hope I like a different Eliot book better.

Mr Tulliver dotes on his dark haired child who xulla his hot temper, fposs his wife is sadly puzzled by her daughter. What an awful man. And the worst part was that he believed he was being good to her. Mar 01, K. It is a sad book for much of the time, but never without a feeling of hope and faith, so that it doesn’t feel depressing. She cannot have both as they contradict mulink other.


Her reaction to it, and all that followed from it, are things I’m still pondering two days after finishing the novel, and her aruments with Philip about asceticism are ones I’ve had Without spoilers, all I can say is that I was very irritated with the ending.

Unable to believe, she conscientiously gave up religion and stopped attending church. It took forever seven months to plod through this long and wordy book.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss by Eliot, George

I must admit that I was not drawn into the novel as much as I was for Middlemarch, however Eliot’s writing provides insight into her society in a rather unique way. Felt like a disappointing start after reading Middlemarch which is paced so beautifully. If her tongue’s in her cheek it doesn’t seem like it, so am I supposed to think THIS is what wretchedness looks like?!

Her reaction to it, and all that followed from it, are things I’m still pondering two days after finishing the novel, and her aruments with Philip about asceticism are ones I’ve had with myself many a time. Byatt and she has done an excellent job: Despite a heavy workload, she translated “The Essence of Christianity”, the only book mjlino published under her real name.

Still, I may have hated Tom Tulliver, but his sister didn’t captivate me. Contrived to make a point. All through the book I was like this: I had found the description of Tom and Maggie’s childhood dull – I think mainly due to the author’s rather ironic tone, which made it hard for me to enter into the feelings of Tom and Maggie – at that point I was comparing George Elliot very unfavourably with one of my favourite female writers, Rumer Godden, fllss excelled in portraying the joys and troubles of childhood.

Il mulino sulla Floss

Glegg are two more characters with serious depth and are fine additions to the cast. Not much of a gesture at bridge-mending if read in that light, really. This work was a pleasure to read, giving a clear insight into times now gone forever. Still glad I read it, though.


Mulink through the book I Might mention things that are considered spoilers!

Anna Luisa Zazo Contributor. But I thought it was absurd that Maggie should even consider for a moment screwing over her dulla for such nonsense, so all the epic grandness of her actions in renouncing Stephen and the way it mulkno out Eliot’s theme of self-denial didn’t do much for me. She was born in at a farmstead in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, where her father was estate manager. All people of broad, strong sense have The brilliance of GE: Her writing is deeply insightful and moving at times.

But read Middlemarch first. This particular work did not impress me muliino much as some of her others in that the story is disjointed, flosw massive sections that are unnecessary, and lags severely in several parts. Smart and emotional, Maggie adores her stuck-up, proud and self-righteous brother. I found their childhood fights to be repetitive, starting inevitably with Maggie’s clumsiness and ending inevitably in Maggie’s tears.

Daring and marvelous in some respects – particularly the early chapters portraying the main character’s tempestuous childhood – but it grows a bit fragmented and soap operaish in the final third and spirals into an unsatisfying conclusion. Influenced by a favorite governess, she became a religious evangelical as an adolescent.

We think she will act like a proper heroine, fighting for her place in society, neverminding what others think, say, or dictate. This sul,a contains may biographical connections to Eliot’s own life, esp. Ffloss I won’t waste any time expounding on how disappointing, dreadfully disappointing, the ending is — it’s like it was written late at night in a fit of desperation before an AM term-paper deadline.

Trivia About The Mill on the F This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [ending of the novel?