You are going to fill out the FAA Form for your Military Competency (Mil Comp) to. Commercial Pilot / Instrument rating application by using the IACRA. To fill in your FAA Form application form for Military Competency to. Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating, you must first register with IACRA. Go. TYPE OR PRINT ALL ENTRIES IN INK Form Approved OMB No: . FAA Form () Supersedes Previous Edition NSN:

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Form I did a mistake in the table of the flying hours? | Ask a Flight Instructor

What useful data are they going to get if the pilots are only logging required things? I’ve never saw one done, and I have never completed one.

I think someone mentioned this change in an earlier thread this year, but I’m just now seeing it in the revised AC C. He fom even find 87100 airport. My speculation is that it’s like the flight time entries on the – optional except for the prerequisites for the certificate or rating supplied for, but suggested as a good idea to have a record of some information in the case of a later lost logbook.


Logbook entries for the ground and flight time.

Form Flight Review and IPC | Pilots of America

Mar 19, Messages: I sense that this might be a trial for something much more intensive and invasive, what I’m not sure. Jul 16, Messages: The best explanations in the business.

GCADec 16, Be Organized, Current, Professional, and Safe. If you flew a solo cross country, you would record that time in both columns. It provides an opportunity to log your flight hours and experience in an official document in case your personal records are lost or destroyed. But they’ve been a bad actor too many times for us not to be wary. BillTIZDec 15, W I wrote in my logbook two flying times in a cross country space, but fine I fix it in my logbook, but not in my IACRAwhen I got to take the check ride I thought everything was fine I signed and submited.

Form 8710-1 Flight Review and IPC

I value my time far more than providing make-work or convenience to the FAA. Feb 26, Messages: May 25, Messages: I had a guy who hadn’t flown in 4 years and expected me to sign him off on the first flight. Jul 27, Messages: Mark Kolber on Jul 05, EverskywardDec 19, They still need to keep track of what you’re up to, one way or the other. Maxed-outDec 16, As a CFI, I won’t be doing this so long as it remains optional.


Answer Question Our sincere thanks to all who contribute constructively iaccra this forum in answering flight training questions. If I were guessing, someone at the FAA is wondering “How many of these pilots are actually ‘current’ and active?

Click here to cancel reply. Dec 15, Messages: Log in or Sign up. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

The only thing I can think of is when investigating a crash, if the Pilot is dead or injured and unable to produce a logbook. Discussion in ‘ Flight Following ‘ started by Maxed-outDec 15,