Tate glossary definition for post-painterly abstraction: A blanket term by the critic Clement Greenberg at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He titled it. A term coined by art critic Clement Greenberg for the title of an exhibition he curated in Post-painterly abstraction encompasses a broad group of American. Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden By Moris Louis, a key participant in the Post-Painterly Abstraction show curated by Clement Greenberg in.

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When abstraction became painterly in a new way in the s, Greenberg became an advocate, but the old label stuck: History of Art Timeline.

Having said this, I want to say, too, that this paintetly is not intended as a pantheon, as a critic’s choice of the best new painters. Because Post-painterly abstractionists greenberv to avoid emotionalism, and followed a more anonymous, non-subjective aesthetic, they clearly shared the same view of the primacy of formal elements, and thus met with his approval. Famous Painters 20th Century Painters Art Term Post-painterly painteerly Post-painterly abstraction is a blanket term covering a range of new developments in abstract painting in the late s and early s, characterised by a more rigorous approach to abstraction.

If there had been a single identifiable trend, it quickly fragmented into a series of competing schools, as painters pursued their separate goals. The painterliness itself derived from a tradition of form going back to the Venetians. Above all it was anonymous in execution, reflecting the painter’s desire to abandon the drama and emotionalism of the older forms of Abstract Expressionism. Greenberg had perceived that there was a new movement in painting that derived from the abstract expressionism of the s and s but “favored openness or clarity” as opposed to the dense painterly surfaces of that painting style.

A good part of the reaction against Abstract Expressionism is, as I’ve already suggested, a continuation of it. Abstract Expressionism — or Painterly Abstraction, as I prefer to call it — was very much art, and rooted in the past of art. This art movement -related article is a stub. Even if it did, it still would not be a show of “the best new painters. The styles embraced by this term include Hard-Edge Paintingillustrated by the works of abstract painters like Al Held b.


The kind of painting that has become known as Abstract Expressionism is both abstract and painterly.

Post-Painterly Abstraction: Definition, Characteristics

Almost a quarter of the painters represented in this show continue in one way or another to be painterly in their handling or execution.

Painterly means, among other things, the blurred, broken, loose definition of color and contour. One of them, John Ferren, even retains the “Tenth Street touch,” but by boxing it within a large framing area he somehow manages to get a new expressiveness from it.

This was an automatic solution for one of the crucial technical problems of abstract painting: Gteenberg point early s is traditionally seen as the hinge between Modern Art c. Painterlt simple terms, Greenberg was highlighting a trend away from gestural-type abstract expressionism – including the gesturalism of Willem de Kooningthe ” action-painting ” technique of Jackson Pollockand the use of textural effects – towards greater use of broad areas of unmodulated colour.

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Post-painterly abstraction

The stroke left by a loaded brush or knife frays out, when the stroke is long enough, into streaks, ripples, and specks of paint. But as diverting as Pop art is, I happen not to find it really fresh. What was mostly involved was the disconcerting effect produced by wide-open painterliness in an abstract context.

They are included because they have won their “hardness” from the “softness” of Painterly Abstraction; they have not inherited it from Mondrian, the Bauhaus, Suprematism, or anything else that came before.

Sam Francis’s abstractioj touch is of a kind familiar to Abstract Expressionism at large, but even in his closed and solidly filled paintings of the early ‘s that touch somehow conveys light and air. In all this there was nothing bad in itself, nothing necessarily bad as art. Art Museums in America. And that part of the reaction against Painterly Abstraction which this show tries to pwinterly is a reaction more against standardization than against a style or school, a reaction more against an attitude than against Painterly Abstraction as such.


Post-Painterly Abstraction | Artsy

Some of them dilute their paint to an extreme and soak it into unsized and unprimed canvas following Pollock’s lead in his black and white paintings of Greenberg himself described post-painterly abstraction as being typically linear in design, bright in colour, devoid of detail and incident, and inclined to draw the eye beyond the limits of the canvas. The most conspicuous of the mannerisms into which Painterly Abstraction has degenerated is what I call the “Tenth Street touch” after East Tenth Street in New Yorkwhich spread through abstract painting like a blight during the s.

There is far more ultimate clarity and ultimate openness in an otherwise crowded and murky picture by Rembrandt than in many another painter’s clear hues and unmarked areas.

However, the post-painterly abstractionists were ruthless in their rejection of the inwardness and mysticism of abstract expressionism and of any residual references to the external world, and they also explored new approaches to composition. Post-painterly abstraction is a blanket term covering a range of new developments in abstract painting in the late s and early s, characterised by a more rigorous approach to abstraction.

The phrase “Post-painterly abstraction” was first used in by the art critic Clement Greenberg as the title for an exhibition of 20th century paintings absttraction curated for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Paintings by exponents of Post-painterly abstraction can be seen in the best art museums around the world.

Its leaders attracted imitators, many of them, and then some of these leaders took to imitating themselves.