I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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Dirt Bike and Ninja Catapult: They also get Tactical Strike at level 5, which is one free 30d10 attack on everything in a 1, foot radius courtesy of a Steel Disciples VTOL that has to be replenished by going back to Wendover after it is used. Feats A whopping two pages for this chapter compared to the one of the last.

The first pair of talents that actually feels like a pair of talents rather than weird feat-miming or replicating an existing class that wasn’t even kept out of this game.

You have a Fame and Infamy rating with each faction, such as the Steel Disciples or the Chi of San Francisco, that is on a percentile scale of As the “core” material is split up into a player’s guide, GM guide, and bestiary just like a certain popular roleplaying game, we’ll be looking at the player’s guide entitled the “Survivor’s Guide” first.

A class designed for someone who really, really loves the Barter skill added to Exodus. For clearly no reason at all and certainly not because of its Fallout origins, Exodus rules that if you as a player are selling an item, it is half price compared to how many caps exdous of an unnamed nature you would rrpg if you were buying that same item.

This feature gets expanded to allow the rigging of heavy weapons for DC 20 at level bestiayr and then energy weapons for DC 30 at level 9. Honestly, it probably sounds quite reasonable.

Points for the blatancy level of that second one. Surely you don’t know that already” and is generally really boring. The larger manufacturer of semi trucks before the apocalypse was the Big Friggin’ Rig Company, who would win dumbest corporate name if it wasn’t for the blatant real world company mashup of Yamahonda. All of the occupations are pretty self-explanatory and the cults and citizenry of the Rpt Star Nation are exoeus more detail in the fifth chapter, so let’s move right along.

Its type has been changed from Giant to Humanoid, a few of its ability scores have been slightly raised or lowered most notably Intelligence from 6 up to 8the ability to advance by class levels has been removed, and it’s been given a new special attack called Dismemberment that lets it perform special grapple check at a penalty to rip off the limb of a foe after doing damage equal to that character’s Massive Damage Threshold.


Instead of those guys, we have a new type of mutant, the cravenrepresented in art by that handsome fellow you see up above the chapter header.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks

And this was its own chapter in the Southwest Wasteland Guide rather than something in the player’s manual why, exactly? The Techie was always a really weird class choice in d20 Modern Core Rulebook, as it has class features that focus on creating robots while the more modernistic Engineer advanced class was put in d20 Future.

The only class features that aren’t “here, we’ll pick a bonus feat for you” are Bypass Armor at level 3, which ignores five points of PDR, and Death Stalks the Land at level 5, which makes you spend three full round actions watching a flat-footed, flanked, or helpless character in order to make a save-or-die melee attack.

Most skills work the same as the do in d20 Modern with little to no alterations, and there’s only one new skill, so a lot of this chapter can be ignored as reprinted material.

The Friars are aware that sometime in the distant past the Refinery was operated by technical know-how rather than religious ritual, but that time is long past and they no longer seek it. While they do have plentiful food thanks to Lake Corpus Christi being pristine and lively compared to the blighted ocean, other supplies are mainly gained through trade or services: Going further and shaving every corner of their body daily allows them to pass as human. Still, the point has to be made to establish the atmosphere that our comedic drama takes place in.

Scavenging lets you turn a Search check into a specific sweep of a x ft. They’re proficient with just about any kind of weapon and armor you could wish for, and also get a big grab bag of skills related to influencing others, knowing what’s up concerning just about anything, and a smattering of hunter-gatherer skills like Search and Survival.

Gaze in wonder at feats such as: The monks of the order live a humble existence in a settlement known as Corpus Norris what was Corpus Christi in the pre-apocalyptic times two decades agoled by five black belt members of the order that act both as high priests and the settlement’s judicial system. Hell, there are even some things that are straight up still using Fallout names. That’s why you’re playing this, right?

Advanced search Text to find Subject [? The first of these that shows up is Rig Firearm at level 2. The Steel Disciples are the only organization that get any advanced class in the Survivor’s Guide rather than the Southwest Wasteland Guide, presumably because they are the not-Brotherhood of Steel and everybody loves the Brotherhood of Steel.

Now you can carry even more Wasteland junk. Surprising that the Knight has worse overall progression than the Initiate when it’s meant to be a direct improved version of that class that can, indeed, only be entered through said class. Sea Serpent CR 7 Huge Animal Turns out sea serpents were real all along, they just never surfaced that often until the Great War disrupted the ocean’s ecosystems.


With this talent you effectively get a gaze attack to make people think you are interesting. Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying, Glutton Creeper Games seemed to just sort of stop producing anything whatsoever. It’s got a framework of good Base Attack Bonus progression, average Fortitude and Reflex save progression, poor Will save and Defense bonus progression, and d10 hit dice.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

It’s definitely not anything traditionally seen bestuary sinful, since His Holiness is stated to be a drug-addled and uneducated tyrant who will torture or kill people for no real reason other than he feels like it at the time, while other members engage in various forms of debauchery and vice. Improvised Tools lets the Rigger ignore the penalty to Repair checks made without a tool kit, while Jury-Rig lets the Rigger use the jury-rigging use of the Repair skill without penalty.

Exodus has them crawling around the edges of nuclear waste dumps and bestoary craters, eating up small animals and unfortunate humans.

Character Options Races All of the mutant races presented in the Exodus core triad are either almost or entirely nonexistent in Texas. Every ten days, the tree on the Harvester dumps a piece of lumpy green fruit that provides a random effect when eaten by anyone.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

All these folksy salt of the earth blue collar survivors were, the book states, “the wrong people to try and rebuild a nation, but the right people rxodus survive in the Wasteland”. Ads by Project Wonderful! Because one Brotherhood of Steel copycat apparently isn’t enough, the Steel Disciples are rivaled in their goals by a technophiliac cult known as the Techno-Reapers. Well, it’s definitely not the progressions, which are poor for Fortitude and Will, good for Reflex and Defense, and good but not bestiiary for Base Attack Bonus.

On top of the two tribal advanced classes from the player’s guide, the Southwest Wasteland Guide provides the Beastmaster advanced class for Tribal Nation members. Twenty years later, when the shelters opened, the survivors resurfaced to bedtiary a new world: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying was a d20 Modern-based roleplaying game setting from Glutton Creeper Games based around a world where a nuclear war sent the world to the brink of destruction.

The Escort and Gang Banger are ten level classes, while the rest are five level classes.