Joseph H. Cater, in his book The Ultimate Reality, has the following comments to make regarding the book Etidorhpa: “ It is important at this stage to mention a. Etidorhpa has ratings and 23 reviews. Katelis said: One of the most strange books ever. It isn’t only the problem, myth and theory of the Hollow Eart. Etidorhpa or the End of Earth: The Strange History of a Mysterious Being and The Account of a Remarkable Journey [John Uri Lloyd] on *FREE*.

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They chose the right picture for the decade anyway! One of the first fantasy books, by a farmacist and botanologist, written invery infuencial, and very infuenced by so many Poe, Lytton, Vernwhich etidorpa a modern reader seems extraordinary. However, receiving a visitation from a ghost who can read his mind who tells him a story about journeying into a hollow earth with a bizarre mockery of humanity gave him less cause for doubt than being informed that water can travel above its source.

Etidorhpa – Wikipedia

I highly enjoyed the book’s polished and unusual nature and would recommend this to any “weird” fiction enthusiast. Oddly haunting book about a forced journey into the interior of the earth. It also presented some of the ettidorhpa and scientific truths the guide imparted to this man. Gil Lopez rated it really liked it Dec 04, Amazing that many of these scientific impossibilities, as described by the main character, I-Am-The-Man, have come to pass.

Etisorhpa book is entitled Etidorhpa and was first published in It was not a particularly difficult read; many “classical” books and novels rank as more difficult to me, such as translated works by early English authors such as Shakespeare. It is like to be in another planet, totally different, alien, eticorhpa any obvious relation with the known Earth. Looking Backward-The Living Brain. Has long passages about various aspects of science, especially geology.

Written at the turn of the 19th to 20th century by a native Cincinnatian it explores science, religion, and the issues of the day particularly the Temperance Movement. What sets it apart is a degree of imagination that eitdorhpa enough interest for it to be reprinted many times.


Is That a Mortal? The mysterious stranger, also known as The-Man-Who-Did-It, relates events that supposedly occurred thirty years earlier, during the early part of the nineteenth century.

Other genre novels, such as Atlantida and The Lost Continentare driven by strong female characters. Languages Italiano Edit links. The novel teidorhpa published inand shares features with similar works that concern travellers exploring the interior of the Earth. Curiosity because of the so many interesting theories, connected with alchemy, apocrypha, secret societies etc.

It isn’t the known Earth of the surface. After a short introduction of the author the fantastic story of I-Am-The-Man begins.

Etidorhpa: Strange History of a Mysterious Being and an Incredible Journey Inside the Earth

Take a Victorian scifi premise, say, a trip to the center of the earth, and by the way, it’s hollow. Vitalized Darkness-The Narrows in Science.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Oct 25th, Damn, now I want to see that!

Etidorhpa Index

Although the secret society is not named, the narrator is made to take an oath by raising his hand and repeating after a man who acts as his guide, “To all this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to keep and perform my oath, without the least equivocation, mental reservation, or self-evasion whatever,” reminiscent of initiatory oaths of multiple degrees in Masonry.

Open Preview See a Problem? Etidlrhpa provides much food for thought. Except for the titular Etidorhpa, there are no female characters. He doesn’t even get to meet Etidorhpa again. His arms and legs were bare, and his skin, the color of light blue putty, glistened in the sunlight like the slimy hide of a water dog. You can judge for yourself here.

Flannery, John Uri Lloyd: It imagined another world in the center of a hollow earth. Why such a small part in the book? Neal Wilgus, in his introduction to this edition, thinks that this novel was based on Lloyd’s own experience, for his life long pharmaceutical research must have brought him in contact with hallucinogenic substances. It isn’t only the problem, myth and theory of the Hollow Earth that is developed in extence; apart from the excelent and brilliant first chapter, where the famous quote from Seneca is referred, and the metamorphoses of the hero that follows, there are so many scientific paradoxes, strange explanations of geological phenomena, informations on chemical reactions, unorthodox physical appearences in the Earth’s entrailes, and of course the teacher and quide of the One of the most strange books ever.


Most appealing was the visit with the title’s character Etidorhpa. After betraying the alchemist’s Illuminati he was kidnapped, thrown into a coach with a corpse strapped down on the seat next to you, taken to a cabin in the woods and threatened by men in masks who say “You will now go into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and learn the mysteries of life.

Baurus rated it it was amazing Apr 16, One man’s journey deep underground, and the unusual life forms he finds there.

It has been ordained that a select few must from time to time pass over the threshold that divides a mortal’s present life from the future. After breaking an ancient taboo a man finds himself stripped of his face and forced into a journey which leads him deep into the earth to experience wonders beyond imagining.

I etidorupa acquired a rare first edition of this book, published by the author, complete with John Uri Lloyd’s signature and side notes. Each of this steps is symbolic of a progression to a more ethereal plane of existence. One of the strangest books I have read.