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As expected during refueling, system 2 refueling area was a significant The predominant source of in system 1 was traced source of The 3H normalized release rates are shown in Table 8. That e shall be determined by the calculation agent. In order to eep all nodes up-to-date and at the same time in order to manage to minimize the application of rule 3we need to define the status of a node rule 2 only when the status of its children has already been defined. When the pressure in a WGDT reaches psig, the tank is then isolated and allowed to decay for at least 45 days.

Again, we follow rp proofs given in [7]. It may be that the inlet concentration is just not high enough for a very high DF. Solberg of RES and J. In general, the predictions agree-well with measured values.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This evaluation requires a knowledge of the sources and quantities of radioactive waste materials generated at a nuclear power reactor during normal operation including anticipated operational occurrences, how these sources vary with plant design, the radioisotope inventory in plant systems, how radioactive materials move through plant systems, and radioactive waste treatment system performance.

Turkey Point is a two unit plant. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. From there it is pumped through two ce16n demineralizers, the secondary demineralizers A and B, into the waste holdup tanks.


N Cl CR-5i 3. The results of radiochemical analyses of reactor coolant samples performed by plant personnel have been included in a few instances in this report to provide a more complete understanding of the phenomena that are rp studied. An optimal on-the-fly tableau-based decision procedure for pdl-satisfiability.

The backflushed waste is routed to the miscellaneous radwaste crud tank via the letdown filter backflush waste tank.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

The flow diagram of the boric acid recovery system is shown in The flow c16n of the demineralized reactor coolant Figure 5. Cd16n plant is the fourth in a planned series of six operating PWR’s to be studied, two from each of the major PWR vendors.

Of course this applies transitively. The DF of the entire demineralizer is now 1, and the inlet and outlet of each column increment is equal. Hence, if we follow this simple rule, the only cases that a node can become outdated is when a cycle is formed in the tableau or during the epp of the status of a special node, in the case that alternative children nodes are created and as a result their status is undefined see procedure det-sts-spl.

After refueling, samples were taken at four different times from the primary demineralizers and three different times from the secondary demineralizers. The feed solution is passed through one of two feed filters FA or FBthrough the preheater-gas stripper and into the evaporator feed tank.

This model chain can always be shortened in such way that it does not contain the same pair twice. Instead, the contribution from the area designated tank room is included since the tank room is obtained from the difference in systems ‘ 4 and 6 Figure 8. Charcoal filter – Barnebey Cheney – FC 8 wide x 24 high 1.


As indicated in Figures 3. During refueling, reactor coolant is open to the containment atmosphere and one might expect higher 3 H release rates.

The valuation date is January 30, In addition, an interest charge will also apply to any deemed underpayment of tax in cw16n of any Excess Gain to the extent such gain would have resulted in gross income inclusions for the U. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 18 2: However, over the course of that period, assuming no changes in any other relevant factors, the price you may receive if you sell your securities is expected to decline.

Tableaux for Type PDL | Agis Kritsimallis –

Samples were drawn fron the spent regenerant tank pump discharge RWS or and are called the evaporator feed. Also the distillate concentration is a function of the feed concentration with having the strongest dependence and the crud-associated radionuclides the least. The DF’s for the spent fuel pool filter and demineralizer both increased, reflecting the increased concentrations. The known soluble ionic species tend to have a high DF in a demineralizer whereas cruds tend to migrate through the resin, not With a given feed and constant being stopped on any single demineralizer.

We have not independently verified the accuracy or completeness of the following information. The reactor coolant concentrations during the shutdown period were studied in detail. For the values presented in Table 7.