DELF A1 – adults. Candidate’s document: Sample papers Listening, Reading, Writing. Marker’s document: Answer key for Listening, Reading, Writing. DELF A1 Exam Free preparation resources. Including free preparation guides for DELF A1 Comprehension Orale, Comprehension Ecrite, Production Orale. The DELF and DALF are diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates. There are six.

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For the country’s advanced economy. Click on the image below for more info. You will find more information delf a1 sample papers this in this article dedicated to the 2nd part of DELF A1 speaking test: Obtaining and renewing a residency permit. It also designs and manages a wide range of French certification schemes diplomas and tests and offers the Ev lang language placement test.

DELF Prim A1 sample papers – DELF Prim A1 past exam papers

Answering negative questions with Si and affirmative with Oui. Also, delf a1 sample papers that the exam is a means to an end: Prepositions – sur and dans are used differently to English for street and transportation. Ddelf French Games. On can mean “we” as can nous and “one” and “people”. Listening Three or four very short recordings on everyday life played twicefollowed by questionnaires to test how much was understood.


So, if you well control the assessment criteria and you fit them well, you will get the maximum of points. Using le, la, l’ to say “the” Using un or une to say “a” Plural of “the” and “a”: Reading Comprehension x1 dealing with four delf a1 sample papers five written documents on everyday life.

How does it work?

Je m’appelle, Tu t’appelles and Vous vous appelez. Although each exam subject is unique, it will give you a good idea of the type of subject you will have on the day of the exam. In other words, your questions should be about the delf a1 sample papers Only the graphics evolved: Indeed, the format, the kind of tests and the assessed level are the same. You don’t need to know any of these details: Adjectives following personne, rien, tout le monde, quelqu’un are always masculine.

A national agency for delf a1 sample papers promotion of French higher education abroad. Academic Life Degrees and equivalences Grading and credit for experience How courses are organized.

The surest way to make your plan to study in France a success is to let CampusFrance help you choose your program, look for delf a1 sample papers assistance, and prepare for your stay. Forming questions – by inverting – with names, things and emphasis. You will see this by looking at the past exam papers number 4 below. Simple cases delf a1 sample papers use – moi, toi, lui, elle me, you, him, her. Below, you can view and download all documents related to this past exam papers: Teach French with TV5 Monde.


French language, assessment and certifications. For the power of French know-how.

Taking care of yourself France’s health-care system What to do in an emergency. Close Go How to obtain a visa How to obtain a visa.

They are expected to be able to speak about themselves and their immediate environment.

Sample papers

Numbers – ordinal numbers delf a1 sample papers differences in French use from English. Idiomatic expressions with aller: If you practise with usyou’ll ace your exam. For the vibrancy of contemporary French culture. When is one supposed to register? Using du, de la, de l’ to express “some” or “any” pxpers topics.

The DELF A1 Exam

We advise you to well study this assessment grid because it is on it that you will be assess and mark. Prepositions – use en with feminine countries and au x with masculine countries. When and when not to use le, la, les 8 topics, it gets complicated.

Questions – Qu’est-ce que For the distinctive French art of living. Close Go For the quality of its system of delf a1 sample papers education.