Co-processed excipients have been developed to handle changes in the physical properties of particles at sub-particle levels. By co-processing two excipients. A co-processed excipient is any combination of 2 or more excipients obtained by physical co-processing that does not lead to the formation of. co-processed excipients ppt. 1. 1; 2. CO-PROCESSED Presented by- Under the guidance ofMr. Bhaskar N. Bangar Dr. N. H. Aloorkar.

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As the proportion of acacia mucilage increased, the dissolution rate decreased to an extent. The tablet was put in the beaker and the time for the tablet to completely disintegrate into fine particles was noted. The developed excipient showed improvement in parent excipient functionalities and proving coprocessed mucilage of Ocimum bascilium to be an excellent novel super disintegrant in mouth dissolving formulation and thus it can be exploited commercially. It has excellent swelling index that is It is calculated as: The mouth dissolving tablets should disintegrate in less than 30 seconds in a small liquid volume and should have sufficient strength in order to be handled during packaging and transportation [ 4 ].

It was evaluated for different flow properties and disintegration time. Seeds of Ocimum bascilium were purchased from local vendor.

Co-processed Excipients

The friability of the granules was found out using Roche friabilator. Drug Stability Principles and Practices. Mucilage and dried KBR were mixed in ratio 1: Methods Isolation of mucilage from Ocimum bascilium: Terbutaline sulphate is most commonly used drug in the treatment of asthma. To simulate the environment of oral cavity, a modified method was developed for the assessment of disintegration time and dissolution profile of drug.

In coprocessing excipeints substance interacted at sub particle level that comprises the particle shape, size that gives improved flow property.


Formulation and Evaluation of Coprocessed Excipient for Mouth Dissolving Formulation

Sufficient quantity of water was added in the cylinder and shaken vigoursly. To investigate the versatility of the coprocessed superdisintegrant, they were compressed into tablet form without API to assess the disintegration time. The bulk volume was noted. Potassium di hydrogen ortho phosphate, Sodium hydroxide, lactose, acacia and CaCO 3 were obtained from Qualigens chemicals, Mumbai.

The effect of particle size on the mechanical strength of tablets. Mouth dissolving tablet; Terbutaline sulphate; Coprocessed excipient; Ocimum bascilium ; Superdisintegrant. This blend was mixed well and was compressed in a rotary tablet machine using 5 mm punch die. All the results of the post-compression tests were satisfactory and were within the pharmacopoeial limits.

The direct compression process is highly influenced by powder characteristics such as flow ability, compressibility and dilution potential.

In the present study an attempt has been made to evaluate Ocimum bascilium mucilage coprocessed with Mannitol as a novel super disintegrant.

Sharma S, Sharma N, Das Gupta G Optimization of promethazine theoclate fast dissolving tablet using pore forming technology by 3-factor, 3-level response surface-full factorial design. The edcipients of the tablets was represented in Table 1.

It is for this reason that most drug copricessed systems are currently administered in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, granules. The sample was poured through the funnel until the apex of the conical pile touched the tip of the funnel. It is calculated as Loss on drying: The stability studies were carried out for the optimized formulation [ 14 ].

All these parameters were also calculated for the co-processed excipient granules, granules of pure acacia and CaCO 3 in addition to the friability of granules. Ecxipients solid dosage forms are most commonly preferred dosage form due to its ease of manufacturing, user friendly nature and capital interest also.

It was mixed with drug and other tablet excipients and compressed into tablet using flat-faced coprocesssed mm punches on an eight-punch tablet machine Karnavati Rimek.


Both excipients should be in such a proportion that the formed blend shows good binding properties and good flow properties.

The co-processed excipients were prepared by granulation technique. The disintegration for all formulations was carried out using tablet disintegration test apparatus.

However, in presence of co-processed excipients, the drug showed good flow properties. A known volume of powder was placed in a graduated cylinder and consider as initial volume. Mucilage exhibited disintegration within 8 sec at the concentration of 1 gm: The friabilator was rotated for 4 min.

The granules of the formulations with pure acacia F 1 and pure CaCO 3 F 2 showed passable flow properties. This indicates that there is no interaction between drug and polymer used in the formulation i. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Preparation of mouth coprocessex tablet The selected concentration of coprocessed mucilage was used in the preparation of mouth dissolving tablet. Conclusion Mouth dissolving tablet of Terbutaline sulphate containing Ocimum bascilium as a superdisintegrant was prepared successfully.

Int J Biol Macromol Hence, the excipients were needed to get formulated into a tablet. The simplicity and low capital investment coprocesesd the direct-compression process have positioned it as a preferred alternative.

Keywords Mouth dissolving tablet; Terbutaline sulphate; Coprocessed excipient; Ocimum bascilium ; Superdisintegrant Introduction Oral solid dosage forms are most commonly preferred dosage form due to its ease of manufacturing, user friendly nature and capital interest also. Table coprocesses Micromeritic properties of co-processing excipients formulated with different ratios of coprocsssed mucilage and calcium carbonate.

Studies on direct compression of tablets. First of all, the excipient should have good flow properties to achieve an acceptable tableting process and second one is to produce ODTs with fast disintegrating property.