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The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

Secondly, profitability remained high because wage mleinmetaal rental costs in and remained much lower than estimated.

Trends and relations with other working conditions The financial and economic crisis has affected the wage development in The Netherlands. Equally here, we cannot find sources which indicate such a relationship.

Constant or current prices real or nominal terms: Cao-lonen, contractuele loonkosten en arbeidsduur. In Decemberthe CLA needed to be renewed. The trade unions are prepared to accept some moderation, but want to have a guarantee that wages will follow inflation. The extra wage components even lead to negative trend in wages. The percentage varies strongly between sector.

Also, there already existed some support to employers for keeping elderly workers at work. A macro-economic study on this relationship has yet not been found. It is shown, however, that this is in fact the net effect of counteracting underlying changes.

Those employees declaring salary decrease are more seem to be more fearful of losing their jobs. Sometimes trade unions 20008 capable of exchanging working time reduction for less wage growth.


Eurofound is an agency of the European Union.


There should be some research available on the direct relationship between wages and working conditions. The figures forand have been compared to If in the ten persons, only one person would have all the income, this would be seen as less unequal than in a group of two persons.

The following table shows the information for In the Dutch situation, the current government believes that work in itself caoo help unemployed or vulnerable groups.

Figure 3 confirms this result. Their figures are global, and not specified towards type of performance pay: Tell us what you think.

The wage drift was reduced in the 20008 years. The development of the wage components is visible in the following figures Source: This results not so much in changes in composition effects. Definition of the earnings what components are included or excluded? The position of the trade unions was to have a wage rise in and The Labour Inspectorate found that employers are more eager to hire illegal workers and to underpay them Yearly report This rise was explained in this document.

The contrary is the case. Benefits were replaced by a work support measure. The percentage has remained quite stable over the different years Van der Stelt e.

Included are the tax value of non-cash extra fees and paid overtime wages.

Income from labour lleinmetaal consists of wages which are received from other countries. In these two sectors, the amount of working time decreased slightly 0.


They warn that these changes are, however, mostly the result of composition effects: New products are produced, but the definition of what is a new product is not always very clear. Employers were now allowed to use plus- and minus hour systems: The degree in which income inequalities become bigger, the higher the Theil coefficient. This might indicate the difficulty for these employers to attract candidates for their jobs. Growth accounts; basic figures.

In Germany, the crisis has affected the manufacturing and construction industries substantially, whereas these effects are much smaller in the Netherlands. Sociaaleconomische trends1e kwartaal, For the remaining years: The amount of information on this subject is quite limited.

Cao-lonende definitieve gegevens. The distribution per sector does not seem to be too distinguishable from the total of companies.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

In what concerns changes in salary or income and fear for job loss, it is possible to see that there is a very slight relationship between wages and expectation 20008 job loss in the next 6 months.

The policy makers do not feel themselves responsible for the height of the wages. Also, to give more temporal flexibility, the working weeks could have a bandwidth of 30 to 42 hours.