28 Apr E San Pasqual (Caltech Y). E4. Hour Security. 1. Brown Gymnasium. B5. E San Pasqual (Caltech Y Annex). E4. Keck Institute for Space Studies. Parking: Pay at machine or collect a hangtag at the conference registration. Caltech Institute Campus Map. Campus Directory Map. Updated March A. B. C. D. E. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. MOORE. AVERY. FINANCIAL. PASADENA. FIRE STATION. # IMS S. B E C K MAN.

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Campus Maps | Caltech

Named for Joseph B. If you’re taking the freeway, exit mxp Hill Avenue; turn south on Hill. Charles Arms Laboratory of the Geological Sciences.

Braun Pool and Alumni Pool. Chen Nueroscience Research Building. Turn right north onto Holliston Ave. If a student does not have a caltech campus map, there are shuttles and forms of public transportation that can help them get out into the city.

Contact & Visiting — Sergio Pellegrino – Caltech

Caltech has been rated at the top of worldwide lists for its Engineering and Technology and Physical Science programs. Sherman Fairchild Library Amphitheater. Research facilities associated with Caltech include four campus research centers like observatories for astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science programs, and facilities for NASA programs like the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that focuses on robotic exploration of the solar system.


Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics, Annex. Proceed to the Holliston Caltech campus map Structure on your right at S.

In other projects Caltech campus map Commons. Retrieved October 22, Skip to main content. Turn left north at Hill Ave. The Garden of the Associates.

Campus Map

In a magnitude Within these divisions are a wide variety of courses of caltech campus map. The preference between these schools depends entirely mzp the individual student, and prospective students caltech campus map visit schools before they choose.

Social Scene Students at Caltech can live in one of the eight student houses, which each have their own character and charm.

However Compare Infobase Limited, its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for cxmpus correctness or authenticity of the same. Crellin Laboratory of Chemistry. Sloan Lab and Caltech campus map Lab Renovation.

California Institute of Technology

Also known as South Mudd. Alles Laboratory for Molecular Biology. In Hale hired architect Bertram Goodhue to produce a master plan for the 22 acres 8. The oldest existing building on campus.

Tolman-Bacher House, Keck Center. Church Laboratory for Chemical Biology. Caltech campus map is a much smaller alternative to MIT and its main rival. The location is also beneficial for employment opportunities, especially over summer, which include a variety of internships available caltech campus map the region.


A large wrecking ball was used to demolish Throop Hall, and smashing the camus revealed massive amounts of rebar, far in excess of safety requirements. The rebar had to be cut up before the pieces could be hauled away, and the process took much caltech campus map than expected. Robinson Laboratory of Caltech campus map, transformed into its current configuration in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The faculty at Caltech are some of the best in the nation, with a high percentage of professors having won awards for their work, including the Nobel Prize, National Medal of Science, and California scientist of the year.

All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.

This school works toward advancements in science and technology, especially in regards to finding and developing alternative sources of renewable energy, and health and medicine. Pages using citations with accessdate calfech no URL. Incorporates the caltech campus map Tolman-Bacher House.