Analysis of self exploration in Bernice Friesen’s Brother Dear. This story focuses on the lives of Sharlene and Greg, a sister and brother who both share similar. Brian Van-Huynh “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen In the short story Brother Dear, Bernice Friesen introduces the antagonistic relationship a parent and child . The character that I have chosen to reflect on identity with from the short story, ” Brother Dear” is Greg. Greg’s current situation is different in his.

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This person will not even be able to explore the world.

Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. The actions of people in Brother dear the dad wants all the dexr to be sucessful in life but they all want to do there own thing but the only kid that did do what the dad wanted wasDennis but he is very sucessful but sharlen is telling Greg do to what frieseh wants in life.

Greg’s current situation is different in his perspective than his fathers, however within this story, Greg has shown frisen have grown into his own person apart berbice what his Father wants him to be doing. In Bother Dear Greg chose not to take his final exam which lead him to fail the class, his decision led him to have a negative relationship with his father, he may not get accepted to school again because he now has a negative record.

Greg shares his knowledge of life with his sister Sharlene and together they come to an understanding that you live life to bring joy upon yourself, not to please the others around you.

He lets his family know he did not do well on his exams, simply because he skipped to go to a protest. The character that I have chosen to reflect on identity with from the short story, “Brother Dear” is Greg. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Nevertheless, Greg believes that he is old enough to make his own decisions and benefit from them.

For example, a person could decide to steal someones wallet from their back pocket and get caught.

Jenessa’s blog.: “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen

Because it shows what kinds of choices they make and brrother type of person they are. In addition, the author suggests that success can come in various forms, but each form is unique to each person. Please answer the following three questions as they pertain to the short story, “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen. These three prime examples gives you a strong sense that Greg frieseb an activist perhaps for animal rights, and also that he has grown to care a lot for the Earth’s natural environment.


If you try hard in both and do well in them, you are more likely to get a better job, than somone who did not.

Brother Dear

Not only does this create a predicament between two individuals but also draws in the whole family as it becomes the frlesen of discussion. Powered by Create your own unique website bernics customizable templates. In addition to his conversation with his family mentioned earlier, another that creates a sense of who he is and what he cares about is the conversation at the dinner table.

This story takes place when Greg comes home from university, where his Dad had paid for his tuition, and had planned for Greg to study law. I also liked how you have incorpaorated the writers craft into your response.

Brother Dear | Free Essays –

You are great in collecting evidence from the text, congradulations. This is just a sample. Greg’s life is changed after his decision to drop out of college.

They could get a criminal record and could maybe stop them from being allowed out of the country. What the family does not notice is that Greg does not want to walk a narrow road, but to be free and vernice what he is passionate for. Reply Your comment will be posted after it is approved. The story takes place when Greg comes home from university, where in which his Dad had paid for his tuition, and had planned for Greg to study pre-law and to get good grades.

By skipping his exam, you can tell that Greg is really committed to these passions of his, they’re not just a hobby, but they are so significant in his life that Greg really feels he needs to stand up for what he believes in. The perspective in which Greg now sees things is different than what his family values. Mahoney Just thinking about a good way for you to ask me questions and interact with classmates The father, Sharlen and Greg have different perspectives so they make different decisions.


Greg is introduced to be a rebellious character that does not take orders from anyone. Greg is the same in that he has a passion for the environment, and certain rights, and these are things that he is willing to take action for, just as I am willing to as well. Lastly, Frieson proves it can be difficult for parents to allow their children to follow their own dreams, risking the relationship between parent and child. Greg also tells his family of how he isn’t going back to school, and that he’s bernife to spend his summer planting trees.

It could frieseb their life positively or negitively.

If you do something you can’t go back therefor if you make a bad decision you will have to make up up for it by working hard. One thing that I really want to do after post-secondary is firstly, get a Bachelor’s degree, then I want to go teach English abroad. We can see from Greg’s decisions that he’s not that into school since he was failing his class than decided not to take his exam.

Decisions, bother consequences vary depending on a different persepctive because everyone takes situations differently. From the way that Sharlene recaps the conversation, it gives you and idea that Greg didn’t really care about these things before, but in which now, he has a strong passion for. Make sure you are writing in complete sentences and that your work is error free!

Their decisions can tell us what their thinking and their thoughts tell us who dar are. Most charactors will take someones side, and that is enough to change someones point of view, and give them options on who to think is right in the story.