Confirm manual entries with ENTER. Exit the parameter level at any time by repeatedly pressing the. “Parameter” key. BioPhotometer – Short instructions. Get Eppendorf BioPhotometer Manual. Get all Eppendorf manuals!. Get Eppendorf BioPhotometer plus Instruction Manual. Get all Eppendorf manuals!.

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Measurements with suspensions of E.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Eppendorf macro Vis Cuvetteplastic cuvette for measurements in the Vis range, max. To select the results. Recalibrate or use the calibration stored. Further information about the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept: Poster — Nucleic Acid Photometry.

Tell us what’s missing. These packs allow a safe storage of the UVettes in a reclosable box, while offering convenient access to each cuvette for easy filling. Checking condition of delivery Set-up and initial operation Instruction of user Self test where applicable IQ Certificate.

For details of the measuring procedure via standard one-point calibrationplease refer to “Measuring proteins with reagent”. Page 35 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 7 Maintenance 7.


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Page 32 74 Notes: Parameter on page The method was calculated using the Warburg formula. The sample number can be changed as desired e. Purity and homogeneity of the sample are important considerations for subsequent applications.

BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5 5. When the result is calculated and displayed, the dilution factor is included automatically.

Damage from improper cleaning of the cuvette shaft. The exact measurement wavelength for the BioPhotometer plus is nm. BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual manula Parameter and functions 6. The device is immediately ready for measuring after being switched on.

Cell Protein DNA Core Facilities

The current version can be found on our website, www. In the method procedure or parameter mode this key has a different function entering the sample number or entering a decimal point when inputting values. The sample number is counted separately for each method and is reset to “1” when the date changes.

However, you still have to enter the factor before the first measurement. Page 37 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 8 Troubleshooting 8. Technical safety — Do not open the device. Forgot password or username? Circular keys Start standard measurement.


The device may only be operated by trained specialist staff. Blank measurements remain stored until the date changes For further details, please refer to “Measuring nucleic acids”.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Please update to a current version, e. With the aid of an adapter cable, parallel printers can also be connected. Start mznual sample measurement using the sample key. The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 is the 3rd generation of Eppendorf spectrophotometers to become an established standard in the life sciences.

Because this is a stray-light measurement the result depends on the geometry of the light path which can differ for the photometers by different manufacturers. The factory-set method programs can be changed using the Parameter key. Starting with an ergonomic design of the product itself e. Press one of the method group keys to return to the method selection and open the next method, if necessary.