APR datasheet, APR circuit, APR data sheet: APLUS – SINGLE- CHIP VOICE RECORDING & PLAYBACK DEVICE FOR SINGLE 60 SECOND. APLUS is selling voice recording chip,the main manufacture products are recording ic and voice chip,is a simple operation voice recording ic products and . APR Single-chip Voice Recording & Playback Device For Single 60 Second Message. Single-Chip Details, datasheet, quote on part number: APR

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After getting the signal, if we want to store the present location apr9600 datasheet an alerting location for wpr9600 blind person, the following procedure will do the needful — i. Basically, all PIC microcon- trollers offer the following features:. The replayed sound exhibits high quality with a low noise level.

When we finish recording, the selection button is released.

This device is designed to provide a voice based an- nouncement for the user, i. Recorded sound is retained even after power supply is removed from the apr9600 datasheet.

(PDF) APR9600 Datasheet download

The working of the system can be divided into two phases. The apr9600 datasheet phase would involve recording of the voice in the voice module. Once the machine code is converted apr9600 datasheet a hex code, that hex code datashret to be dumped into the microcontroller and this is done by Proteus.

When apr9600 datasheet satellite signal is receieved by the GPS, the latitude and longitude of the current location dtaasheet displayed on the LCD. Not only is a proper PCB neater but it is also more durable as there are no cables which can yank loose. Void data means if the GPS Receiver is unable to get apr9600 datasheet satellite signal it will give the previous data which may not be current location value. For recording a message we need to press the push button, followed by the selection button.

The system designed consists of a GPS receiver and a voice apr9600 datasheet which is interfaced to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that depending on the satellite information of location the predefined location name will be announced.



To- tal sound recording time can be varied from apr9600 datasheet seconds to 60 seconds by changing the value of a single resistor. If a lot of parts are being used in a datashee space it may be difficult to make a single sided board without jumpering over traces with a cable.

It is also possible to control the IC using external digital circuitry such as micro- controllers and computers. Proteus is a software apr9600 datasheet accepts only hex files. There are basically four families of PIC microcontrollers: GPS apr9600 datasheet voice alert system for the blind uses the current location and gives the.

In order to hear what we have recorded, we just need to press and hold the corresponding selection button for 1sec and the recorded message would be replayed. PIC16F is a 40 pin microcontroller. In serial apr9600 datasheet mode, sound can be recorded in sections. Pin 13, 14 are used for connecting apr9600 datasheet crystal oscillator to generate a frequency of about 20MHz. One of the limitations being function recursion is ape9600 allowed.

When using a double sided board we must consider which traces should be on what side of the board. Apr9600 datasheet double sided board is more expensive to datashert professionally, more difficult to etch on a DIY board, but makes the layout of components apr9600 datasheet lot smaller and easier. By this it can trace out the distance from the destination and pro- duce ddatasheet alarm to alert the user in advance.

apr9600 datasheet Currently they are some of the most popular microcontrollers, selling over million devices each year. Its primary use is to display the latitude and longi- tude of the current location. Here instead of an alarm sound the blind man can directly hear the apr9600 datasheet rec- orded datashet the user itself.

APR Datasheet(PDF) – Aplus Intergrated Circuits

The program which is to be dumped into apr9600 datasheet microcon- troller is edited, compiled and executed. In parallel access mode, sound can be apr99600 orded in 2, 4 or 8 sections. This information is provided by the GPS with the help of the apr9600 datasheet it receives from the satellites.


After the suc- cessful compilation of the program, it is dumped into the microcontroller using a apr960. It consists of 8 pins from B0 to B7 Port C: The second phase deals with receiving the signal from the GPS receiver and actuating the voice module using the microcontroller. After compilation, the machine source code is converted into hex code which is to be dumped into the microcontroller for further processing.

Vatasheet apr9600 datasheet describes the concept using a microcontroller based system.

Apr9600 datasheet data means, when the GPS receiver gets the satellite sig- nal it will give the current location values. A device or system that supplies electrical or other types of energy to apr9600 datasheet output load datahseet group of loads is called a power supply unit or PSU. Release the restart button after 1sec iv. This is due to the fact that the PIC has no stack to push variables onto, and also because of the way the apr9600 datasheet optimize the code.

All normal C data types are supported along with pointers to constant arrays, fixed point decimal, and arrays of bits.

The IC can be controlled simp- ly using push button keys. GPS based blind man device with apr9600 datasheet input interfacing voice based intellectually finds the current location and gives the alert to the blind man if it was his destination area.

A power supply may include a power distribution sys- tem as well as primary or apr9600 datasheet sources of energy such as. The system employs a user friendly design and provides for an automatic location name announcement system. It consists of 8 pins from D0 to D7 Port E: Bread- boards are great datashee prototyping equipment as it allows great flexibility to apr9600 datasheet a design when needed; howev- er the final product of a project, ideally should have a neat PCB, apr9600 datasheet cables, and survive a shake test.