Apexi AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller Set-up procedure . Fm AVC-R = White to ECU – pin 9 = Speed Sensor. Here is a link to the AVC-R Manual Link. pdf · Apexi Avcd Boost Controller Actuator Valve Controller Installation Instruction Manual, M. pdf · Apexi Avcr 6 Button Ecu Wiring Manual Installation. 22 Oct Today we’ll be showing you how to setup the Apexi AVC-R, ease of adjustment similar to a manual boost controller, this proved to be far from.

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Now we can go along and make sure apexi avcr manual gear is marked with an X, it should look like apexi avcr manual following screenshot; This will disable avrc self learn for al the gears and allow us to fully customize the adjustments to acheive the fastest ramp up and most stable boost control the unit can offer.

This menu allows you to set the boost levels as well as the RPM values that you determine.

New avc-r install instructions & basic tuning –

Friday, July 27, As shown in the picture, apexi avcr manual run the wires through the orange grommet to the engine compartment, using a coat hanger to fish it through the grommet. To control the boost more accurately and reliably. Now move down the menu until we highlight the Learn-Gear mode and press the next button.

To set this you will need to make sure first off that the target boost pressure is very close to the perfect or esle the AVCR apdxi not begin self apexi avcr manual as a safety feature.

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Avcr Wiring Diagram Light Switch Wiring Diagram – Wiring Diagrams

I like to start off doing 1st gear and then going up through the gears as i get each one set correctly. If the displayed boost level apesi above 1. These connections should give you correct readings for all the monitors: In here we apexi avcr manual adjust the Car select, Screen brightness etc.

First off we have to go and check the boost for each apexi avcr manual. Some units that are used and even new aexi, may have settings that need to be reset before any new information is stored.

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And like most of apexi avcr manual piggyback computers of that age, there are drawbacks and bonuses to using each particular piggyback in question. We will have to do this differently now as we have 4th gear set pretty good at this stage. Apexi avcr manual different engine and turbo combination will have a different duty cycle setting required avct acheive the desired boost level. If the car has wheelspin trouble in 1st gear we can lower the wpexi cycle down for this particular gear until we eliminate wheelspin.

This section is really up to your personal preference to see what you want displayed on your screen.

Just note that apexi avcr manual injector duty reading is irreverent in boost control, as opposed to the importance of proper RPM readings to control boost. JasoX on Fri Dec 11, 4: Again, Duty Cycle varies on different cars, but always try a lower Apexi avcr manual Cycle, and work your way up.

Any adjustments made to the AVCR sgould be checked by using this method.

Route the wires abcr the engine compartment from right behind the apexi avcr manual canister by the firewall on the right hand side of the car. Setting the initial boost setting; Once we have the car specific settings sorted out we can start to adjust the boost nice and accurate. The AVC-R has been enjoyed by several people, but the release of this item came during a time when many enthusiasts were moving away mmanual electronic boost apexi avcr manual.

Cap both VSV and the bottom of the Wastgate actuator total of 2 caps. Now go out and set the initial boost like described earlier in this guide, now we have to make sure we are almost spot on with our target vacr, as the AVCR will not self learn if it is not within about 0. The car will have varying boost in every gear so this is where we come to adjusting the Start Duty. Once we have this set and the boost is relatively stable we can move on to the RPM specific boost levels.


You can adjust this value if you find that your boost is inconsistent or if your boost tails off as the RPM rises. If you love the wheelspin then great This method gives you an accurate true reading of your full apexi avcr manual under full load. For most front wheel apexi avcr manual horsepower applications, this setting is the one manua will want to play with the most. Pressing the up or down button we can adjust the boost and duty cycle level accordingly.

Setting up the feedback setting; The feedback setting is one of the last settings we need to use and is only needed if after all the above adjustments are made and boost is still a bit inconsistant and unstable. This can typically be set or classified as GAIN in many aftermarket boost controllers. Inside the Mazda Skyactiv Apexi avcr manual engine January apexi avcr manual, Each time you make an adjustment to the AVCR i would recommend checking the boost with the above method.

Setting OFF means the car will run on standard maual spring pressure boost. You will need to go into the set up menu for the self learn and make sure it is apexi avcr manual for the gears you want to use it for.

How To Setup Your AVCR

If the displayed boost level is below 1. I will leave this menu and setting up apexi avcr manual Apexi themselves as they have covered it very well in the AVCR manual. First off I would advise we go now and turn OFF the self learn mode for each gear. Refer to apexi avcr manual manual link below for the correct procedure of setting this up.